Natural Cat Medicine

Commercial cat medicine generally involves the administration of allopathic drugs created specifically for use in pets. While these medicines cure your pet of many ailments, they cause several side effects, some of which can’t be reversed. Natural cat medicines are derived from plants and herbs and are beneficial as a long term solution for chronic illnesses. Natural cat medicine also consists of holistic treatment procedures. Pet owners who rely on holistic treatment procedures don’t only cure their pets of specific illnesses or symptoms but they cure the pet’s body as a whole.

Using Herbs as Medications

Although herbs like Echinacea, burdock root, milk thistle and dandelion have curative properties, they shouldn’t be administered to your cat in the raw form. Several herbal formulas and homeopathic remedies contain extracts of these herbs in the right proportions. This makes it safe for administration in pets. Cats in particular are sensitive to active ingredients that are present in medicines. You should therefore purchase herbal medicines that are specifically formulated for use in cats.

Benefits of Natural Cat Medicine

Natural medicine doesn’t isolate and treat the symptoms of various illnesses. This form of medicine focuses on the entire body and helps reduce stress in order to improve your pet’s overall well being. The treatment procedures are non-invasive and the medicines don’t cause adverse reactions. Although the healing process is slow, the cat will come back to normal after a few months and will suffer from fewer illnesses in the future.

Natural medicine is favored by many pet owners, but this form of treatment cannot replace medications that are prescribed for life-threatening illnesses or surgical procedures. If your cat is very sick you may administer natural medicines only once his condition is stable and after you’ve obtained vet approval.

Other Components of Natural Medicine Include:

  • Massage therapy

  • Acupuncture

  • Diet modification

  • Administration of natural vitamins and minerals

  • Administration of nosodes

Relying on Natural Medicine

Natural medicines not only treat problems like arthritis and kidney problems, but they also treat flea infections, skin infections, urinary tract disorders, respiratory tract infections and eye infections. You could either choose from Chinese herbs, homeopathy, essential oils and herbal remedies to treat any of these conditions that afflict your pet.

Making a Change

If you have relied on conventional medicines to treat your pet and improve his health, you could consider switching to holistic care by first visiting a licensed holistic vet. You should also make sure that you give your pet premium cat food that’s free from by products, colors, preservatives and certain additives. These ingredients cause several illnesses and reduce immune system functioning.

You could eventually switch to a raw food diet as felines are carnivorous by nature and have survived in the wild on raw meats. If you need to switch to a raw food diet, make sure you follow package instructions to prepare your cat’s meal and also maintain proper hygiene after you come in contact with any raw food.