Is Natural Medicine Appropriate for All Dog Health Issues?

There is an abundance of information currently available concerning dog health issues. Not only are traditional medical procedures, treatments and prescription medications available to prevent and cure many different health issues in dogs, but natural medicine and alternative treatments are now being discussed, offered and successfully implemented for all types of illnesses and disease.

Natural Medicine for Dogs

Natural, holistic, herbal and alternative remedies are becoming increasingly popular as people learn and discover new and less invasive ways to treat and cure illness in dogs. Natural medicine encompasses many different philosophies, including acupuncture, herbal remedies, aromatherapy and homeopathy, just to name a few. In opting for natural medicine therapies, one removes exposure to man-made chemicals and potential side effects, and chooses to use either herbs and plants from nature or procedures aimed at stimulating the body to heal itself.

Beliefs about Natural Medicine for Dogs

Much of the success with any healing process comes with the attitude surrounding the illness. Since dogs will be largely unaware of the details of their affliction, it will be up to you to decide what you believe about healing. Your dog depends upon you for emotional energy. If you believe that only traditional medicine, including aggressive testing, surgery and drugs, can cure your dog, you will not likely find the success you seek with natural medicine. However, if you are determined to stay calm, learn the alternatives and make a solid decision on the best plan for the well-being of your dog, any procedure, natural or not, will be positively affected by this belief.


Since natural medicine for dog health issues is not quite yet in the mainstream, some research will be necessary on your part. For any given illness or disease, you will find several options for prevention or treatment.

  • Herbs and essential oils use natural chemicals that have been shown to reduce or eliminate certain symptoms. However, due to the nature of herbs, other side effects may result. Since dogs have a unique physiological makeup, carefully select your remedy of choice. 
  • Acupuncture and energy work will stimulate certain points or meridians (inner pathways) that lead to areas of the body. Stimulation and revitalization of the body's natural energy course may assist healing.
  • Aromatherapy uses particular scents to stimulate health and treat certain physical ailments.
  • Homeopathy is a deep healing system developed about 200 years ago that uses small doses of natural remedies to stimulate the body's natural healing mechanisms into action.

Traditional Medicine

While traditional medicine has its value, especially in a time of emergency, there are many drawbacks that can be avoided with natural treatments. Natural medicine can often be used in conjunction with traditional medications and treatments for an enhanced path to wellness. Since natural remedies generally have little or no side effects, one may choose to incorporate a holistic healing program simultaneously with traditional medical treatment. The addition of treatments such as aromatherapy and acupuncture may provide relaxation and lowered stress levels while the dog undergoes aggressive or invasive traditional medical care.