Natural Cat Pain Management

There are a number of ways to avoid drugs and chemicals and manage cat pain in a natural way. Increasing popularity and knowledge of Eastern practices, alternative health care and herbal remedies creates several options for you to consider. When choosing a method of alternative cat pain management, one of the main deciding factors should be your belief in that practice and the success it can bring. Choose a method that fits properly within the lifestyle of you and your cat. Often, introducing any combination of methods will bring about the most success. When using natural and alternative pain management remedies, there is no danger of conflict or side effects, as there are no man made chemicals or conventional medications involved.


Homeopathy can bring much success in the management of cat pain. Homeopathy is a healing art discovered in late 1700s. Rather than taking advantage of conventional medicine to suppress or stop symptoms, homeopaths will use aspects of your cat's physical and psychological state to determine the best remedies. Instead of treating symptoms, and pinpointing a particular disease that may be the cause, homeopathy uses a broader approach to determine appropriate herbal or natural remedies used to help strengthen areas of the body which are weak. This approach, in turn, suggests that the body uses its own built-in mechanisms to heal itself. If your cat is displaying symptoms of a disease that may be hard to pinpoint or diagnose, homeopathy may be especially helpful since it bypasses diagnosis and simply focuses on healing. 


Acupuncture is a Chinese method of healing that uses needles which are inserted into various points on the body. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "qi", or life force energy, flows along certain points in the body called meridians. When this life energy becomes clogged or blocked by any number of conditions or reasons, it isn't flowing freely, therefore pain or other symptoms may inflict the blocked area. Acupuncture aims to unclog the blockages and regain free and natural flow of qi. Acupuncture is becoming an increasingly popular part of veterinary medicine, as the Western world begins to understand the necessity for natural healing methods. This method can be performed using needles, or alternatively, using mild electrical impulses or flashes of infrared light.


While the phrase "going to the chiropractor" has become a little more well-accepted in society, cat chiropractic treatments may still be out of the norm. However, chiropractic medicine uses a hands-on approach to manipulate the spine, joints and soft tissues that may be "out of place" and interfering with normal bodily intelligence. Adjustments from the chiropractor may be just what you cat needs for significant pain relief.

Herbal Remedies

There is increasing knowledge of the healing properties of certain types of herbs and herbal tinctures. While many herbal remedies are becoming popular and mainstream, with exceptional results, it is important to note that essential oils and certain herbs may be toxic to cats. Herb and herbal remedies may contain chemicals, and while these are natural chemicals, they may not be suitable for cats. Cats metabolize substances differently from other species. Research herbs and herbal remedies carefully before using them with your cat.