Natural Cough Remedies for Dogs

Natural cough remedies are available for dogs alongside traditional medication. Herbalists, homeopaths and holistic veterinarians will tell you that prevention is the best cure.  For the kennel cough, the alternative vet specialists will advise you to give your dog prevention remedies just before taking him to the vet or to other places where he might come into contact with other dogs that can carry the kennel cough virus.

Natural Remedies for Cough in Dogs

Natural remedies can suppress the cough without any unpleasant side-effects:

  • Humidifiers help moisturize the dog's airways and stop the cough. If you do not have a humidifier, a hot bath and keeping the dog in the steam can help.
  • Honey is known to be an efficient expectorant and is used as a cough suppressant. If the dog refuses to take it directly, you can mix it with water. Three teaspoons a day will be enough in most cases.
  • Peppermint tea is also safe for dogs. Use an eyedropper to put a few drops of peppermint tea into your dog's throat.
  • Yerba santa is a natural expectorant and decongestant, an herb used in the form of strong tea mixed with the water.
  • Licorice root tea will work just as peppermint tea.
  • Wild cherry bark in the form of syrup, tea or herbal extract can be added to your dog's water. As the herb is bitter, the dog might refuse it. If this is the case, you can use an eyedropper or a syringe to apply the drops directly in the dog's mouth.
  • Garlic steam (obtain by putting garlic inside the vaporizer) is an efficient antibacterial and antiviral.
  • You can also put lavender oil, tea tree or eucalyptus oil in a vaporizer to ease cough
  • KC-Defense is a homeopathic cure for canine cough. It comes in granules which dissolve when on the dog's tongue. The herbs that make up this dilution include bryonia and echinaceea. This remedy is more suitable for dry cough.
  • Dulcamara and ant tart are homeopathic remedies for rattling cough
  • Spongia Tosta is a remedy that can be used for a seal-like cough
  • If the cough is productive, coughs cocculus can be prescribed.

Natural Remedies to Prevent Cough in Dogs

To prevent your dog from getting the kennel cough or other kinds of cough, you can use homeopathic remedies which can come in the form of capsules, tea or tinctures and can be mixed with the dog's food or water:

  • Echinacea strengthens immunity
  • Astragalus strengthens the lungs and regenerates the bronchi
  • Vitamin C is also a natural immune system booster. The most used form is chewable C vitamin, crushed and mixed in the dog's food.

Giving Human Cough Medicine to Coughing Dog

If all else has failed, mild children's cough medicine can also be given to dogs.

However, you must be very careful, as some human remedies may delay the healing, stopping the cough and causing bacteria and mucus to be retained in the airways.