Natural Diuretics for Dogs

Natural diuretics are beneficial as they can promote better kidney function in your pet and rid his body of toxins that have the potential of causing diseases. However, such diuretics lower the amount of fluids in the body and can influence the body’s balance. Hence, it’s best to administer natural diuretics to your pet under the guidance of the vet.

Natural Diuretics

Any substance that helps the body to excrete more urine and thus get rid of excess fluids and salts is known as a diuretic. Such substances also cause increased perspiration and feces production. They cause the kidneys to excrete more sodium in the urine. Since the urine gets concentrated due to the increased sodium content, the body adds more water to the urine during the process of urine formation. This water is taken from the blood stream by the body.

This results in decreased amount of fluid in the blood stream and reduces the pressure on artery walls. Natural diuretics are natural foods and herbs that have diuretic properties. They should be added to your pet’s daily diet in small amounts to help cleanse his body of toxins and wastes.

Diuretic Herbs

Diuretic herbs can help your pet expel wastes and toxins from his system but these should be given carefully as some dogs might exhibit adverse reactions to certain herbs.

Safe herbs with diuretic properties include:

  • Burdock
  • dandelion
  • red clover
  • alfalfa
  • raspberry leaves

Burdock is a natural diuretic that improves digestion, purifies the blood and increases sweating.

Dandelion is rich in potassium and should be used in conjunction with other diuretics that can deplete the body’s store of potassium. It increases urine flow and helps eliminate wastes and toxins from the body. Red clover is the strongest natural diuretic for dogs and purifies the blood and helps cure cough, asthma and skin diseases. Alfalfa and raspberry leaves improve digestion and purify the blood.

Diuretic Foods

Diuretic foods such as banana, celery, Brussels sprouts, carrots, garlic and melons are natural diuretics that can be beneficial in small quantities. Bananas contain potassium that strengthen your pet’s muscular system and prevent inflammatory bowel disease as they add small amounts of natural acidophilus bacteria to your pet’s bowels.

Celery seeds and plants contain high amounts of potassium and sodium and promote increased urine production. Celery is also a natural blood purifier and detoxifier. Besides this, consider adding Brussels sprouts to your pet’s food as they stimulate the kidneys and pancreas, and cleanse body tissues.

 Health Benefits of Carrots, Garlic and Melons:

  • The carotene in carrots increases metabolism and the removal of waste and fat deposits.
  • Carrots aid in the elimination of uric acid and prevent it from crystallizing.
  • The mustard oils in garlic are cleansing in nature and break down and flush out fats.
  • Melons such as watermelons contain high levels of water, potassium and sodium. These stimulate the production of urine and eliminate toxins from the body.

You should incorporate small amounts of natural diuretics in your pet’s diet taking into consideration his size. Natural diuretics can be both effective and safe for your pet.