How All Natural Dog Food Affects Digestion

How All Natural Dog Food Affects Digestion Feeding your dog all natural dog food is the best way to ensure his continued good health. All natural dog food contains pure, holistic ingredients that prevent allergies, aid digestion, and keep your dog's body systems functioning at their best. All natural dog food may cost more than conventional brands, but you'll save in vet visits and prescription costs. What Is All Natural Dog Food? All natural dog food companies use human grade meats, grains and vegetables to create a dog food that gives your dog all the nutrients and protein he needs. Conventional dog food companies use grains and other ingredients that are considered "unfit for human consumption." While conventional dog food companies might like you to think that high-quality meats are the primary ingredient in their foods, in fact, these dog foods are made mostly of low-quality grains and fillers. Why Feed All Natural Dog Food? Conventional dog foods simply don't meet your dog's nutritional needs, and can even damage his health. Many dogs become overweight because conventional dog food does not provide the nutrients they need, which causes them to eat more. Many dogs experience allergies, vomiting, diarrhea and gas because they are unable to digest the fillers in conventional dog food. Is All Natural Dog Food Worth It? While all natural dog food is more expensive than conventional dog food, switching to all natural dog food can save you money. Your dog will eat less because all natural dog food contains all of the nutrients he needs. This type of food is also easier to digest. He'll experience fewer allergies, stomach upsets, and general ailments, so you'll pay for fewer vet visits and medications. His stools will be smaller, less frequent and less malodorous.