Natural Dog Skin Allergy Remedies

There are many natural ways to help soothe and heal a dog skin allergy. While some dogs may need medicine to alleviate skin allergies, many dogs respond to treatments you can do at home. From diet, to supplements, to lifestyle changes and topical remedies, you can give your dog relief and prevent further outbreaks.

Trying these natural remedies can help you avoid chemicals and medications that can cause more of a negative reaction in sensitive dogs. The first step in natural care for a dog skin allergy is to remove any hair that is wet from your dog biting at the irritated skin. With the skin free to dry out, it will heal more quickly and respond to the following remedies.

A Non-Allergenic Diet

Even when a specific external irritant is at fault, dog skin allergies often point to a problem with digestion and the immune system. If the digestive system is over taxed, the organs responsible for detoxifying the body are less able to work effectively. Moreover, some diets support the immune system more than others. A strong immune system helps a dog's body fight an allergy more effectively and quickly.

The best diet for a dog with allergies is an all natural diet made up of lean animal protein with a small amount of vegetables and fruit. A raw diet will be the easiest for your dog to digest and will give the best nutrition as well as the best hydration. A canned food with organic whole foods such as buffalo or venison is a good second choice. Some dogs have an allergenic response to poultry and grains so avoiding these ingredients can help a dog with skin allergies.

Dietary Supplements

There are several supplements that can greatly reduce and prevent skin problems. Cooked yams with nothing added work really well for many dogs, particularly those in the Tibetan terrier family. You can buy an oil formula at the pet store that includes Omega 3 and Omega 6. You just add about a tablespoon to the food.

Soothing Bathing Practices

Using special kinds of shampoo and adding conditioner can help your dog's skin. Cleaning the area removes the irritants. Using a shampoo with ingredients such as oatmeal, tea tree, and vitamin E can soothe the skin and decrease the symptoms. Aloe vera, papaya and salicylic acid are also good for skin irritations. After shampooing, use a canine conditioner to help rehydrate the skin. Shea butter is very calming an moisturizing. Allantoin, yucca and calendula have a natural anti-inflammatory affect. If you use a bathing brush and then brush again when the dog is dry, you'll get rid of the most dead fur.

Live Probiotics

Probiotics are made up of friendly bacteria that can create a healing affect on the skin of your dog. You can purchase a probiotic powder from a health food store or natural grocery store. Try to find one from the refrigerated section so that it contains a higher number of live bacteria. Aim for a number in the billions. Rub about a quarter of a teaspoon into the area that is red or inflamed.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Pure grapefruit seed extract or GSE is one of nature's best healers. You can add 2 drops to your dog's food each day. It will help his digestion and immune system. Both of these actions can greatly help any skin allergy and skin irritation.

Healing Oils

Several oils can soothe and help with healing when applied to your dog's skin. Vitamin E oil is one of the most healing oils for your dog's skin. Other oils such as chamomile, aloe vera and oils containing omega 3 and 6 can act as natural healers.