Shampoo for Itchy Dog Skin

An itchy dog has special bathing and skin care requirements. There are certain actions to look for in a dog shampoo if your dog has skin problems. There are several shampoo ingredients that can help improve an itchy dog's skin. Other bathing practices are helpful as well as dietary changes.

The Proper Bathing Schedule

The proper amount of bathing is important in maintaining healthy skin. A puppy can be bathed once every other week. An adult dog, however, does best with a once a month bath. You can use a bathing wipe in between baths to maintain cleanliness but a dog's natural skin oils are helpful for skin health.

Shampoo Attributes

There are several things to look for on a bottle of canine shampoo if your dog seems to scratch a lot. You want a shampoo that will rehydrate your dog's skin because many itch problems are due to dry or flaky skin. A shampoo that reduces flaking and removes scales is also good. Look for ingredients that will also provide some immediate soothing for your dog.

Helpful Shampoo Ingredients

There are several ingredients for your dog's shampoo and bath wipes that will help soothe and rehydrate your dog's skin. An oatmeal formula is excellent to soothe the itch. Tea tree provides relief and naturally combats bacteria in the skin. Vitamin E is one of nature's greatest inventions for skin problems and can reduce flaking and scales. Natural salicylic acid also serves the function of reducing scales and flaking. Kiwi, papaya, allantoin, panthenol and shea butter are also natural moisturizers and have healing properties for the skin. Aloe vera is often included as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Using Conditioner

For a dog with itchy skin, a canine conditioner or rinse is extremely helpful. It will help rehydrate the skin and replace some of the oils lost in the shampooing process. Many conditioners contain the same ingredients listed above. Wheat protein, mango, calendula, kava extract and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids provide excellent hydration for the skin after washing. Vitamin A may also be added to enrich the skin with a necessary nutrient.

Other Good Bathing Habits

There are several tools to help dog bathing decrease itchy skin. It's important to use a bathing tool that will really dig deep down past the fur into the skin. You can get a rubber tool that has little teeth that will massage the skin and encourage extra blood flow and really clean out the bacteria. It's also important to have a good dog brush to use after the bath. If you brush against the direction of the fur, you'll really get rid of any dead fur that's left over. Dead fur contributes to skin problems and irritation.

Dietary Changes To Decrease the Itch

A poor diet can contribute to skin problems which are often related to digestion. Slowly switch to a raw food diet or a high quality canned food. Look for a formula that is low in grains and focuses on whole lean meat. You may also supplement the food with cooked organic yam or a combination of oils formulated for dogs with skin problems. These usually include Omega 3 oils and vitamin E.