Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs with Herbal Remedies

Since most commercial flea medications contain active ingredients that cause various side effects, pet owners are now looking for natural flea treatment options. These are safer alternatives because they don't contain active ingredients that cause skin reactions and related side effects. Since fleas are carriers of disease, it's important to use flea medications and take precautionary measures to prevent your dog from contracting various illnesses.

Conventional Medicines

Conventional flea medicines contain insect growth inhibitors and insecticides that often give rise to side effects in dogs. Since topical flea remedies have to be applied to the pet's body, dogs may ingest the medication and this could lead to an emergency situation. To prevent this from happening, pet owners should consider using homoeopathic remedies and natural or herbal formulas to keep flea infections at bay.

Although natural remedies take longer to act on the pet, they offer long lasting results. Before administering any commercially available natural medication to your pet you need to conduct a vet check to find out if your dog is suffering from any underlying illnesses. Since natural or herbal remedies also interact with prescribed drugs, discuss the benefits of administering any herbal formula with the vet before purchasing it.

Natural Flea Treatment

Although it's best to purchase commercially available natural flea remedies for your pet, you can also consider giving your dog small amounts of garlic to ward off active flea infections. Many pet owners have successfully eliminated flea infections with the use of garlic. However, since garlic is toxic to dogs when administered in large amounts, you need to exert caution when incorporating garlic in the dog's food.

You should also keep your environment clean and consider spraying outdoor plants with horticulture oil to kill fleas and other parasites.

Tips for Pets Owners

Instead of solely relying on medicines or herbal formulas to treat flea infections, consider bathing the pet regularly and inspecting the dog's body for flea infections. Remove adult fleas with tweezers and make sure you follow the correct procedure to remove live fleas from the pet's body.

Prevent your dog from roaming outdoors among plants and trees, and also steam clean and vacuum the carpets in your home, to kill flea larvae. If the pet isn't suffering from any other health concern, consider using natural remedies to kill active flea infections.

Commercially Available Natural Remedies Include:

  • Only Natural Pet All in One Flea Remedy
  • Only Natural Pet Herbal Defense Oil Blend
  • Sentry Natural Defense Flea & Tick Household Spray
  • Fleago Natural Flea Control
  • Ark Natural Neem Protect Shampoo

Since fleas latch onto dogs when they roam outdoors, it's best to brush the dog's coat after he's been taken out on a walk. You could also prepare your own flea spray by making a solution of 2 drops of lavender oil, 650 ml of water and 2 drops of cedar wood oil. Spray this mixture on the pet's fur a few times a week to prevent your dog from attracting fleas.