Homeopathic Pet Allergy Relief

There are several pet allergy relief medications that you can administer to your pet to bring relief from the symptoms of allergic reactions. Since conventional medicines like anti-histamine drugs cause side effects in pets, an increasing number of pet owners are looking for alternative remedies to treat allergies in dogs.

Allergies in Dogs

Although dogs aren’t as sensitive as cats, they are known to develop different types of allergies. These include inhalant allergies, food allergies and contact allergies. Some dogs may also develop flea allergy dermatitis which is a skin reaction to flea saliva.

Symptoms of Allergic Reactions

Certain allergens are known to trigger an immune system response in pets and this gives rise to hives, itchy and flaky skin, dry skin and inflammation. If the pet is suffers from food allergies he may also show signs of gastrointestinal upset along with the skin reactions. While some allergies are seasonal in nature, few pets are known to suffer from chronic allergic reactions.

Pets that develop chronic allergic reactions require medication that can be administered on a long term basis. Since conventional drugs cause adverse reactions, homoeopathic medication is a better alternative.

Using Homeopathy to Treat Allergies

Since allergies cannot be completely cured, the vet will administer medication to bring relief from the symptoms exhibited. The vet may also ask you to administer certain supplements to the pet to strengthen his immune system. Although there are several commercially available homeopathic formulas that treat different types of allergies, it’s best to conduct a vet check to confirm diagnosis before using homeopathy to treat the pet.

Commercially Available Homeopathic Medicines Include:

  • Natural Pet Allergies Homoeopathics
  • HomeoPet Hot Spots
  • Pet Essences Allergies Flower Essences
  • PetAlive Allergy Itch Ease 
  • Simple Medicinals Stop Itch for Pets


Although natural and homoeopathic medicines are safe for use in dogs, you need to carefully read and follow dosage instructions when treating your pet. Some homoeopathic formulas and natural medications interact with prescription drugs and cause adverse reactions. Due to this reason, discuss the benefits of using homoeopathic medicines with the vet, particularly if your dog is taking any other prescription drugs.

Other Treatment Options

Apart from homoeopathic medication you can also administer several herbal remedies to treat the symptoms of allergic reactions. If the allergies cannot be controlled with natural remedies you should consider giving the dog immunotherapy shots to desensitize him to known allergens.

Along with medication you should also keep the dog in a clean, smoke-free environment. Also prevent him from roaming outdoors in the grass and plants so that his skin doesn’t come in contact with allergens.

Prevention of Flea Infections

Since pets develop severe skin conditions due to flea bites, you have to use an all round approach to keep flea infections at bay. Consider disinfecting areas outside the home with pet friendly pesticides and spray your plants and trees with horticulture oil.

Brush your pet’s coat daily and bathe him with hypoallergenic shampoos that don’t trigger an allergic reaction.