Natural Health for Cats and Dogs Explained

Natural health for cats and dogs is a method of raising animals that mimics their natural ("wild") lifestyle as much as possible. Natural health comprises diet, holistic medicine and conventional veterinary medicine into an integrated whole to produce the best possible conditions for health and longevity for the animal.

The Theory of Natural Health for Dogs and Cats

The theory behind the natural health movement is that dogs and cats survived for as long as they did because their bodies were adapted to constructively obtain energy from certain food sources while engaging in natural activities that kept them alive while catching food. The central core of natural health is that the dog or cat in nature was in the state of health that enabled fitness and procreation of their species for thousands of years, and that a similar diet and exercise is a more reliable means of pet health than using dog food and limiting their movement.

Feeding Your Cat or Dog a Natural Diet

Since the recent scares over contamination and subsequent illness of dogs and cats, there has been a resurgence of interest in treating pets with natural care methods. Natural feeding of dogs and cats focuses on providing the animal with a diet similar to what its species thrived on through history-raw meat and bones with some vegetation.

Holistic Vets Are Not that Uncommon

When choosing a vet, ask them about their position on natural and holistic medicine, you may be surprised at how open minded many are. Many vets also practice integrated medicine, which is a combination of natural methods and traditional animal medicine.