Natural Pet Treats for Dogs

There are a lot of pet treats available for dogs and they serve to reward the dog for a certain action or good behavior. However, some of these treats may raise some problems; treats with an excess amount of carbs may lead to obesity while bones or rawhides may cause indigestion and may even cause bacterial infections. Natural pet treats are the healthiest option; they won’t cause obesity or other health problems.

Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits are a rich source of fibers and are typically well liked by dogs. Try feeding your dog a few fruits and vegetables as treats; opt for baby carrots, apples, raw broccoli, red pepper (make sure it is not hot), plums, raw sweet potatoes, celery or radishes. Your dog may not like all of these fruits and vegetables but you will learn about the ones your dog accepts.

Make sure you avoid onions or garlic, as these are toxic for dogs.

If your pet prefers apples, make sure you get rid of all the apple cores and seeds, as these are toxic.

Vegetables such as carrots or radishes have dental benefits, as they have a rough texture, which can clean the dog’s teeth and eliminate the plaque and other food residue.

Home Made Natural Treats

You may prepare some natural treats at home and make sure that your dog only gets the best ingredients. A dog food dehydrator is a good investment, especially if you prepare your dog’s food at home.

Prepare a chicken or turkey jerky. Make sure that the chicken or turkey meat you buy has had a natural diet without added hormones. Cut thin slices of meat, marinate in apple vinegar and leave the meat in the refrigerator for 12 hours. Dehydrate the meat using the dehydrator.

You may also prepare sweet potato chips; slice the potatoes and place them into the dehydrator. Don’t use white potatoes.

You may also use a few slices of apple in the dehydrator and make a few tasty treats.

The dehydrator may be used to prepare a lot of treats; bag the prepared treats and seal the bag, so they can last for longer.

Make sure that all the products you use are organic. Never use additives such as salt or sugar; these are not healthy for your dog.

Commercial Natural Treats

You may also purchase a few natural treats for your pet; these treats contain all natural ingredients and are made with natural preservatives that will ensure that your dog gets a healthy snack. The natural dog treats may contain meat, dehydrated vegetables or fruits.

Read the labels of the products you purchase and make sure all ingredients are natural; some treats that boast as being all natural may contain artificial preservatives and colors.

Stay away from treats that contain wheat or other grains; grains can cause allergic reactions or food intolerances in canines.