Natural Puppy Food

Natural puppy food is formulated with natural ingredients that provide necessary nutrition to growing pets. Puppies should be fed diets that suit their level of activity, breed and metabolism. Pets suffering from ailments may also require specific diet modifications. However, the components of a well balanced nutritious puppy meal include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Pet owners should follow guidelines to match the nutritional requirement of puppy breeds in order to promote optimal growth. Good nutrition is the foundation of good health as pets that are fed high quality ingredients are less likely to suffer from diseases in the long run.

Natural Puppy Food

Natural food doesn't contain additives, genetically modified ingredients or preservatives. Pet owners who feed their puppies all natural diets claim that their pets stay healthy and benefit from antioxidants that aren't available in several commercial food products. In order to choose a good quality natural puppy food product, it's important to read package labels to ensure that the food doesn't contain animal fats, preservatives, added sugar or by-products. Various natural products are also grain free. However grain free diets benefit few pet's as they aren't ideal for all breeds.

Good Quality Natural Puppy Food

Natural puppy food should be tested and certified. It should only consist of food that's nutritionally beneficial to pets. Most natural food products don't contain wheat, corn, soy, artificial dyes or colors. Ingredients that should be present in all natural dog products include good sources of animal protein, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

Commercially Available Natural Puppy Food

  • Natural choice ultra puppy dry food
  • California natural chicken meal and rice puppy dry food
  • Innova puppy dry puppy food
  • Nutro natural choice puppy lamb meal and rice formula

Puppy Feeding Schedule

Pet owners should follow package guidelines unless otherwise directed by the vet. The general recommendation is 3 meals a day. The amount of food should also be portioned according to the pet's age or weight. If any new brand of food is introduced to the pet, the change should be gradual. Nutritional requirement for large breed puppies also differ in comparison with regular sized pets. In order to determine if a natural diet benefits individual puppies, pet owners should use an exclusive all natural diet to determine initial response. Since the protein content in certain all natural products may be too high for few puppies to tolerate, the food intake should be adjusted or altered to suit individual puppy requirements.

Biologically Altered Raw Food Diet

Few pet owners prefer to use the "BARF" diet, or biologically altered raw food diet. This diet is made up of raw meat that isn't processed. Since the diet consists of raw meat, the food contains antioxidants, living enzymes and phyto-chemicals that promote long life and healthy immune systems. Pet owners should follow package instructions while handling raw puppy food products to prevent bacterial contamination.

Although natural puppy food products provide pets with balanced meals that lack preservatives and additives, other puppy products also contain substantial ingredients to promote growth. Puppies fed diets packed with nutrition don't require nutrition supplements. Healthy diet and exercise are vital for overall growth and development.