Natural Remedies for Killing Pet Fleas in the Home

Pet fleas are an aggravating pest that can be very difficult to remove from the home. Conventional methods of removing fleas involve chemicals and medications that you may prefer to leave as a last resort, in order to avoid possibly damaging the environment, or harming your pet or your family. There are some natural remedies that can kill pet fleas and prevent them from returning to your home.

Remove Fleas from Your Pet

You must remove all the fleas and eggs from your pet at the same time as your home, or they will simply reinfest each other. Use a natural shampoo to wash your pet, leaving it on for several minutes to ensure all the adult fleas have been killed, then rinse thoroughly. However, this will not remove many of the eggs. Flea eggs can be removed by combing the pet with a fine toothed comb, particularly one specially designed for flea removal. You should comb your pet regularly to remove eggs and fleas, with a small bowl of water nearby to dip the comb into and kill any fleas you find. You can add a few drops of mint or lavender essential oils to the water, as these are flea deterrents. In the case of chronic flea infestations, you might want to clip your dog's fur as short as possible, to reduce the difficulty in removing fleas.

Remove Fleas from Your Carpet

Fleas hide in the carpet and lay eggs there as well, so vacuum regularly and dispose of the sealed vacuum bag each time, when there are fleas in the house. One way of killing fleas in the carpets is to sprinkle them with a mixture of equal parts baking soda and salt, leave it overnight (or as long as possible), then vacuum. Food grade diatomaceous earth can also be sprinkled in the house and then removed, but avoid inhaling it or getting it in contact with your eyes. Diatomaceous earth is available at many garden centers or farm supply stores.

A spray can also be made up for carpets and other surface areas of the home, with one part vinegar to two parts water. Alternatively, use water with a few drops of citronella, mint, eucalyptus or lavender essential oil, or a combination. Don't forget to thoroughly wash and spray your pet's blankets.

Remove Fleas from Your Yard

Fleas will often live outside and be back in the house as soon as the pet comes indoors. In order to remove fleas from the yard, sprinkle diatomaceous earth around the place, or spray the same sprays as for indoors. Keep grass short, as fleas will not live in direct sunlight. Another natural remedy is nematodes, which are microscopic natural flea predators that do no harm to larger animals, but are deadly to fleas. These can be purchased online or in pet stores, then applied to your yard area.

Remember to try and remove fleas from all possible areas of your pet's living quarters to be most effective in reducing or eliminating them. Regular maintenance will also help to ensure they don't come back.