Natural Treatments for Asthma in Dogs

Although there are several commercial allopathic treatments for asthma, these medicines often given rise to side effects in pets. Due to this reason, pet owners are now looking for natural remedies to treat asthmatic dogs. Pets suffering from asthma experience a lot of discomfort while breathing as the condition leads to inflammation of the bronchioles in the lungs. Pet owners should watch for symptoms like wheezing or coughing and conduct a vet check to determine the true cause of the condition.

Asthma Attacks in Dogs

Pets suffering from an asthma attack show symptoms of labored breathing, coughing, bluish gums and a blue tongue. These are indicators of a severe attack and such pets require prompt medical care. Since asthma attacks are often triggered by allergens like dust, cigarette smoke, pollen and mold, it's important to keep dogs in a healthy environment.

Asthma attacks may sometimes occur late at night and if this happens, you might not have access to vet care. You should therefore learn to treat your pet with a few well known natural treatment options.

Using Natural Treatments for Asthma

The most commonly used natural formula for canine asthma is PetAlive AmazaPet. This product promotes a healthy respiratory system and provides support to the dog's lungs. It's known to decrease wheezing associated with asthma attacks and helps the pet breathe easy. Apart from this, the medication is also known to help pets suffering from allergic reactions. It's important to read and follow dosage instructions listed on the package and contact the vet when in doubt.

Oxygen Therapy

If your pet is suffering from an asthma attack and you can't get medical help, it's beneficial to use oxygen therapy to bring relief to him. If the dog suffers from chronic bronchitis or asthma, purchase a portable oxygen cylinder and use it during emergencies. The oxygen cylinder will have a tube attached to it that allows you to provide a fresh supply of oxygen to the pet during an attack. You could simply hold this tube near the dog's nose or insert it in his mouth if he allows you to do so.

Apart from oxygen therapy there are several other herbs that are known to benefit dogs suffering from asthma.

Herbs that Help Asthmatic Pets Include:

  • Echinacea
  • Licorice root
  • Oregon grape 
  • Mullein leaves

Using Herbal Remedies

Although these herbs are ideal for dogs suffering from asthma, they need to be administered in the right amount so that they don't prove toxic. Due to this reason you need to purchase herbal products that are specifically formulated for use in dogs, or contact a homeopathic or holistic vet to get the right remedies.

Tips for Pet Owners

Along with medication, it's important to feed the pet a nutritious diet to build his immune system. If he has a strong immune system he will be able to resist infections and allergic reactions. If the pet doesn't get his recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals through his food, it's best to provide him with high quality nutrient supplements.

Read the labels of the food products you buy and look for ingredients like additives, colors or preservatives. These ingredients weaken the immune system and leave the pet more susceptible to diseases and other health conditions.