Natural Wet Dog Food

The food that you give to your dog has a major impact on his health and overall well-being. Considering whether a  wet dog food or a dry one will be better is an important decision, as is whether to give your pet a standard dog food or an all-natural or organic one. When selecting a food for your pet, keep in mind that most dogs do not have a preference for taste, color or appearance in their food. The most important criterion in selecting a food is that it be able to deliver all of the appropriate nutritional elements that your dog needs to remain healthy and to grow.

Benefits of a Wet Dog Food

Wet dog foods may be slightly more expensive than dry foods, but they do have several benefits over alternative dog diets. A canned food provides a wider mix of nutrients to your dog by hydrating him as well as nourishing him. The added moisture available in canned foods is beneficial to many dogs suffering from particular health concerns, and may enhance your pet's diet even if he does not have a specific condition that mandates canned food.

Canned food has a very long shelf life when left unopened. Dry foods may become stale over time if left open, but an unopened can of dog food is suitable for months and even years.

Finally, wet foods are easier to chew and to digest than dry foods. If your dog has any dental issues or digestion problems, or if you are concerned about the damage that dry food may cause to his body, canned foods are a healthy and low-impact alternative.

Benefits of Natural Food

Natural foods contain fewer additives than standard dog food brands. They are typically free of chemical preservatives, coloring agents and flavors, and the ingredients used to create the food itself are prepared organically. Because canine allergies are oftentimes due to chemical ingredients in dog food, the lack of these components in an all-natural dog food makes the food less likely to cause sensitivity or allergic reactions in your pet.

Additionally, natural dog food is often prepared in environmentally sustainable or friendly ways, while standard dog food may not be.

Considerations to Keep in Mind

Natural wet dog food does have some limitations or other concerns to be aware of. First, all-natural diets tend to be more expensive than standard dog foods. They may not be available in the same stores. More important than cost or availability, however, is the fact that natural foods may not have a complete and balanced ingredients list. Standard dog food brands are regulated by the FDA and monitored for ingredient and nutritional value. Standard foods differ in quality and cost, but they all provide the basic nutritional elements that your pet needs. Organic or natural foods may not, so it is up to you to work with your veterinarian to determine whether a particular natural dog food will be adequate for your individual dog's needs.