Nemex Hookworm Treatment for Dogs

Nemex is the brand name formulation of a medicine containing the active ingredient pyrantel pamoate. Pyrantel pamoate is a drug that is capable of eliminating many different types of parasites from your pet's body. These include hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms, among others. Because many puppies are born with parasites that their mother has given them during gestation, it's important that you treat these parasite infestations preemptively in order to ensure that your puppy isn't affected too greatly.

Nemex Overview

Nemex acts by paralyzing the worms in your pet's gut. The neurological effects of the drug are enough to force the worms to detach from the sides of your pet's intestines, and they're later flushed out of his body through his bowels. Because Nemex only works on living worms, it's essential that you continue the treatment regularly until all eggs have hatched and subsequently been eliminated from your pet's body.

Nemex is one of the veterinary formulations of the medicine using pyrantel pamoate. There are also human versions of this medicine, and these are usually available over the counter. However, it's important that you give your pet the veterinary formulation of the drug, as it has the proper consistency and concentration to it. For this, you'll need to take your pet to the vet's office to have him examined and diagnosed as having a parasite infestation.

Using Nemex for Your Dog

Nemex is typically available as a tablet, although it's also available as an oral injection in some areas. Most people find that the tablet form of the drug is best for administering to dogs, as they can be ground up and given along with food or included along with a treat. Consult with your vet for recommendations on the best way to administer the medicine to your pet.

Nemex is designed to last in your pet's system for about three weeks. For this reason, you'll generally need to repeat the dosing one time, three weeks after you provide the first dose. Because the medicine may not be entirely effective, you'll need to check with your vet to be sure that you can be through dosing your pet. The exact dosage itself will depend upon your pet's size and weight.

Side Effects of Nemex

One of the reasons that Nemex is among the leading brands of medicine used to de-worm dogs is that it can safely be used in puppies. Because worms are a major concern for puppies, this makes Nemex a very good option for treating your pet's condition.

In rare cases, dogs may experience the following side effects when taking Nemex:

  • Intestinal upset
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

If you do notice any of these side effects or anything else that you think may be an adverse effect of your pet having taken Nemex to treat his hookworms, take him in to the vet immediately for an examination.