The Top 10 Nutrition Supplements for Dogs

Supplements for dogs contain ingredients that work to promote optimal health in pets. Although the dietary needs vary according to the pet's breed, size and age, specific dietary needs may not be met with food products. Nutritional supplements make amends for all nutrients unavailable in commercial food products or homemade diets. Although supplements may not require a prescription for purchase, pet owners should work with the vet to determine individual pet requirements and administer supplements that target specific health concerns.

Ingredients Present in Supplements

While choosing the best supplement for dogs, pet owners should look for supplements that consist of high quality ingredients. Supplements that contain omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and good sources of proteins or carbohydrates benefit dogs. Pets suffering from joint degenerative disease like hip dysplasia or arthritis benefit from supplements that contain glucosamine and chondroitin. Since overdose of certain vitamins or minerals lowers the absorption of essential nutrients by the body, pet owners should work with the vet to choose a nutritional supplement that best suits the dog.

Benefits of Supplementation Include:

  • Strong immune system support
  • Makes up for diet's deficient in essential nutrients
  • Provides essential fatty acids necessary for healthy skin and coat
  • Maintain healthy joints and often reverses joint damage and bone disease
  • Provides long term support for dogs suffering from inflammatory disease, urinary problems and other health concerns

Top Nutritional Supplements for Dogs

Although there are several commercially available supplements for dogs, pet owners may prefer to use certain nutritional supplements as they benefit their pets. However, as a guideline it's important to choose a supplement suited to individual dog needs.

Top 10 Nutrition Supplements for Dogs Include:

  • Pet-Tabs Plus Daily Vitamin-Mineral Dog Supplement
  • Drs. Fosters & Smith Lifestage Select Vita-C Dog Vitamin Supplement
  • Healthy Select Joint Care Supplements for Dogs
  • Lambert Kay Linatone Shiny Coat Daily Food Supplement for dogs and cats
  • The Missing Link Canine Formula Super Food Original Supplement
  • Tomlyn Nutri-Cal Puppy Dietary Supplement
  • Cosequin Bonelets Hip & Joint Support Plus Dog Supplement
  • Only Natural Pet Pure Salmon Oil for Pets
  • Cosequin Double Strength Chewables
  • Pet Naturals Hip & Joint Extra Strength for dogs

Tips for Pet Owners

Regardless of the brand of supplement available, it's important to determine if any side effects have been reported. It's best to choose products that have been scientifically tested for efficacy. Since dietary supplements contain a blend of different ingredients, pet owners should discuss possible drug interactions with the vet, if the dog is prescribed other medication. In addition, since the manufacturer regulations for nutrition supplements differ from pharmaceutical regulations, it's important to read product labels before administering any supplement to pets. Although the vet may recommend supplements as a short term course following surgery or illness, supplements that contain glucosamine or chondroitin should be administered for life. If joint supplements are discontinued once the symptoms of arthritis subside, the symptoms will reappear and cause further joint damage.

Pet owners should research various products before purchasing a supplement for pets. Natural or holistic supplements may also work effectively to increase the dog's quality of life.