Oral Medications to Treat Feline Dermatitis

Feline dermatitis is also known as cat eczema or feline military dermatitis. The skin suffers from irritation and the lesions are caused by allergies to food, pollen, fleas, bacteria, fungi, yeast infections, parasites, autoimmune diseases, hormonal imbalances or sensitivity to intestinal parasites.

Feline Dermatitis Symptoms

You will notice a number of lesions on your cat's skin. These are small and red, and there may be swellings or bumps. The lesions may occur on the cat's back or head. They cause itchiness and the cat may cause more irritations, due to scratching and licking.

The treatment of cat dermatitis depends on the cause of the irritations.

Oral Medications for Cat Fleas and Parasites

If the dermatitis is caused by fleas, the lesions will be present on the base of the tail mostly. The oral medication treatment will contain steroids; however, a topical ointment is highly recommended to ease the itchiness.

Pyrethrin is a good remedy to treat fleas, lice or ear mites. Administer this medication orally. Injections may be beneficial for severe cases of ear mites.

Dewormers for Intestinal Parasites

If your cat is sensitive to intestinal parasites and shows signs of dermatitis, make sure to give the proper dewormer medication to treat them. After the parasites are eliminated, the dermatitis should disappear too.

Bacteria and Yeast Infections

Bacteria and yeast infections may also cause dermatitis. These may be treated with the oral administration of antibiotics and antifungal medication. Gentle shampoos to reduce the irritations will also be needed, along with some topical ointments that contain steroids.

Allergy and Autoimmune Diseases

Dermatitis may be caused by autoimmune diseases and different types of allergies. Steroids are recommended in this case. Prednisone is an effective medication but can have side effects such as increased appetite, water retention and sleepiness.

Allergies to pollen or dust may be treated with antihistamines or allergy shots.

Stop Other Medications

Dermatitis may be caused by allergies to other medications. Stop administering other medications and see if it still persists. If it goes away, this means that your cat is allergic to some drug components. No further treatment is needed and you will need to look for alternative medication to replace the drugs your cat is allergic to.

Special Diet

If your cat's dermatitis is caused by food allergies, these foods must be eliminated from your pet's diet for life. A vet can determine exactly what your cat is allergic to and make the suitable dietary recommendations.

Fatty acid supplements are prescribed and biotin may also be needed in your cat's diet.