How Natural or Organic Dog Food Benefits Your Dog

Natural organic dog food provides dogs with unbeatable nutritional benefits. Less expensive dog foods-- the kind you buy at the grocery store-- pack the food with inexpensive fillers, preservatives and by-products. With soaring rates of canine diabetes and cancers, you need to make sure you know exactly what is going into your dog's food.

Reading Ingredient Labels

In 2007, the government ordered a recall of dozens of dog food brands due to tainted ingredients. Wheat, corn and rice gluten contained melamine, a chemical used in plastics that cases renal failure when ingested. After dogs and cats died as a direct result of the melamine, people realized the importance of knowing exactly what your pet eats.

Organic Ingredients

Always choose natural organic dog food that contains a primary source of protein-beef, chicken, fish, pork or lamb. Meat-by-products contain hooves, beaks and inedible parts that are poor sources of protein. Organic meats are best. Animals receive healthy feed without preservatives or ingredients treated with pesticides.

Organic vegetables do not sit in pesticides or unhealthy fertilizers. Cancer rates in animals served organic foods are lower. The risk of digesting toxic preservatives or ingredients disappears.

Best of all, with natural organic dog food, the vitamins and mineral levels do not diminish. Foods laced with preservatives site for longer and lose some of their nutritional value over time.