Organic Flea Control Products for Cats

Most feline flea control products utilize a type of insecticide to eliminate the parasites from your home and from your pet's body. These chemical compounds kill fleas, but they may also pose a risk to your cat's health and to yours as well. Fortunately, there are a number of different types of organic flea control products that exist for those owners unwilling to utilize methods that incorporate insecticides. Organic flea control products oftentimes contain natural ingredients that help to discourage or eliminate flea infestations, although they may not necessarily be free of harmful effects.

Plant Oil Products

The most common organic flea control products are those derived from natural oils. Plant oils like eucalyptus, tea-tree and citrus all help to kill fleas or otherwise discourage them from inhabiting your home. These products have varying degrees of success. Available at natural and organic stores, these oil-based flea controllers are cheap and generally effective. However, some of the oils used in these products can cause harmful effects in cats, so it's crucial that you investigate the ingredients and their effects before applying any of these oils to your cat's body. Even utilizing some of them in the house where your cat is present can be enough to trigger a negative reaction, so caution is important.

Diatomaceous Earth

Another common organic flea control product is diatomaceous earth. This powdery substance is derived from diatoms, which are miniscule fossils. The diatoms are ground up into a powder, and the sharp points on the edges of each of the particles can penetrate the hard exoskeleton of a flea and help to dehydrate it, eventually killing the parasite. Diatomaceous earth is safe for use around cats. It is best used in direct contact with fleas. Look for this product in natural food stores as well as in home and garden stores.

Natural Flea Traps

Flea traps are useful for reducing the overall flea population in your home. While they may not help to eliminate fleas from your cat's body directly, they can help to prevent flea infestations in your pet. Non-toxic and organic flea traps are available and easy to use. Many pet owners find that a cheaper and equally effective alternative is to create their own flea traps at home.

Fleas are attracted to lights and will tend to congregate around a light bulb that is left on overnight. Take advantage of this fact by placing a bowl of soapy water directly beneath a light bulb and by leaving this bulb on throughout the course of the night. Ensure that the bulb is out of your cat's reach. The fleas will come to the bulb because of the light, but will then get trapped in the soapy water and drown.

Additional organic and natural flea control products are being developed all the time. For the most up-to-date selection, visit an organic food market or other natural store.