Orthopedic Benefits of Foam Dog Beds

A foam dog bed provides pets with hip dysplasia and arthritis more support for their joints and muscles. A bed with special cushioning can also help your dog get a comfortable night's sleep.

Orthopedic Benefits of Foam Dog Beds

A bed made with orthopedic foam helps absorb the dog's weight and distribute it evenly throughout his body. Orthopedic beds also help soothe the muscles of highly active pets that jog frequently or work as service dogs.

Additional advantages of sleeping on foam bedding:

  • Helps cushion a dog's joints and bones
  • Ideal for older dogs prone to aches and pains
  • Arthritic dogs benefit from sleeping on foam beds; the cushioning helps to relive the joint and muscle pain associated with arthritis
  • Younger dogs with hip dysplasia benefit from less strain on their joints as they grow
  • A bed made with effective, even support prevents a dog's spine from contorting
  • Foam beds block the dog's body from creating compression points that may aggravate orthopedic conditions
  • A foam bed may prevent your dog from tossing and turning while he is trying to sleep

Features of Specially-Designed Canine Beds

  • A bed with a foam headrest pillow offers further comfort and support
  • An orthopedic bed made out of gel foam is extra soft and comfortable
  • Some beds have the ability to contour to a dog's hips and joints
  • Soft foam beds are able to relieve pressure that can cause your pet pain, discomfort and muscle aches
  • A bed made out of a breathable foam material keeps a dog cool in summer and warm in winter