Choosing the Right Dog Bed for Arthritis Considerations

A dog with arthritis can have a lot of trouble sleeping, but this problem can be significantly reduced depending on the bed. That's why a special dog bed tailored to arthritis and joint conditions can offer your pet a sounder night's sleep.

Your Dog's Size

Make sure you measure your dog before selecting a bed. Try and measure him while he is lying down; preferably with his legs extended. Then add 5 inches all around him to get a proper sized bed that isn't too tight. In fact, make sure your dog will be able to turn completely around in the bed.

You want to be sure he can move comfortably in his bed without being cramped. If he is uncomfortable or confined, he will experience joint pain due to his arthritic condition.

Choose a Supportive Bed

Purchase an orthopedic bed that is supportive for your dog's body. One with a special foam lining on the bottom of the bed is the perfect foundation for a comfortable and therapeutic sleeping place.

Consider a dog bed that has padding and lining on each side. This will cushion your dog when he moves around during a long slumber or afternoon nap.

Dog Bed Arthritis: Signature Designs

Therapeutic dog beds come in all shapes and sizes, from round to large squares. So you should have no trouble finding one that suits your dog, whether you own a Yorkie or a Great Dane.

Get one with a washable cover to keep your dog's sleeping area clean and free of parasites.