Otomite Plus for Cats

Otomite Plus for cats is a medication used to treat ear mite infection in felines. Ear mites are parasites that infect cat ears and survive on ear tissue, wax and fluids present in the ear. Since it's contagious to other pets, ear mite infections are fairly common. Cat ears are sensitive and the excessive itching that occurs due to ear mite infection leads to ear inflammation and redness. Pet owners should make note of any changes to the cat's ears and examine the ears during routine pet grooming. Since the symptoms of ear mite infections are similar to other skin conditions, it's necessary to conduct a vet check if the pet exhibits any symptoms.

Symptoms of Ear Mite Infection

  • Frequent itching of the ears
  • Scaly skin
  • Ear discharge and fowl smelling ears
  • Lesions around the ear
  • Redness and inflammation

Treatment for Ear Mite Infection

In order to determine if the ear infection is caused by ear mites, the vet will perform an ear examination with an otoscope. The vet will also send a sample of any ear discharge present for laboratory analysis. Since ear mites are visible under a microscope, it's easily diagnosed during a physical examination. The treatment for ear mite infections includes thorough ear cleaning and application of medication. Other topical solutions may also be used to cure skin lesions and associated symptoms.

Otomite Plus for Cats

Otomite Plus contains synergized pyrethrins along with other ingredients to effectively cure ear mite infections. Pet owners should read and follow label instructions before administration of the medication. Otomite Plus should be used after the infected ears are cleaned with a low pH ear cleanser. The medication should be applied to the ear canal and the ears should be massaged to spread the medication all over.

Although the medication should be reapplied once every 7 days, it's best to discuss with the vet dosage instructions for individual cat ear infections. Ears severely infected by ear mites require frequent Otomite treatment for complete cure. Most pets are free from the infection within 14 days of initial administration. If pets develop other symptoms or if the ear infection persists, additional diagnostic tests will be performed.

Precautions When Using Otomite Plus:

  • Misuse or inappropriate use of Otomite Plus is harmful.
  • Pet owners should wash hands thoroughly after use.
  • It's important to prevent the medicine from coming in contact with the cat's eyes.
  • Otomite plus should be stored appropriately and should be kept away from children.

Home Care

Since ear mites are contagious, it's necessary to examine other pets living in the same household, for mite infections. Pet owners should bathe pets occasionally and groom ears to prevent debris and yeast infection. If cats are susceptible to frequent ear infections, pet owners should discuss with the vet, long term treatment options such as herbal remedies and homeopathy. Although most ear mite infections are controlled with medication, mites resistant to medicines that contain pyrethrins require additional treatment to cure the infection.

Pet owners should work with the vet to determine the type of mite infection present and response to treatment in order to prevent complications or severe ear damage.