Over the Counter Anxiety Medication for Dogs

Over the counter anxiety medication for dogs is effective for use on pets that suffer from nervousness or anxiety disorders. Some dogs get highly excited and anxious when they’re left alone or placed in unfamiliar surroundings. They could also suffer from anxiety attacks when they hear loud sounds like thunder. In order to keep such pets calm during times of stress and anxiety, you could consider giving your pet over the counter medications that induce a sense of composure and well being.

Over the Counter Anxiety Medications

Some over the counter anxiety medications for dogs are:

  • Composure Liquid
  • Quiet Moments
  • HomeoPet Anxiety 
  • Be Serene

Composure Liquid

This liquid contains a mixture of active and inactive ingredients. Some of the active ingredients include Calming Decapeptide, Thiamine and L-Theanine while the inactive ingredients include Maltodextrin, Silicon Dioxide and soy lecithin amidst others. This liquid is ideal for pets suffering from symptoms of nervousness or stress that’s brought on due to travel or visits to the vet. Besides this, if you relocate to a new home or neighborhood you could consider giving your pet this medication to help him adjust to his new life.

Dogs that weigh under 25 pounds should be given quarter of a teaspoon of medication, two times a day. Pets that weigh between 26 and 49 pounds should be given half a teaspoon, twice daily while those that weigh between 50 and 75 pounds should be given three fourths of a teaspoon, two times a day. If your pet weighs more than 76 pounds give him one teaspoon of the liquid, twice daily. Make sure you administer the doses along with food.

Quiet Moments

Quiet Moments isn’t a medication but it’s more of a supplement that’s administered to pets that suffer from anxiety or stress disorders. It contains 5 active ingredients and numerous other inactive ingredients. The 5 active ingredients include chamomile flower, thiamine mononitrate, passion flower, L-Tryptophan and Ginger. These ingredients have calming effects on the dog’s nervous system.

Although this medication is readily available over the counter, it should not be combined with other anti-depressant medications or drugs that are prescribed for anxiety attacks. If you wish to combine the drug with any other medication, discuss the same with the vet before you proceed.

HomeoPet Anxiety

HomeoPet Anxiety is a homeopathic medication that reduces anxiety in dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, travel related stress and other nervous disorders. The medication comes with an eyedropper which helps you to easily administer the right dose.

It contains active ingredients like Chamomilla, borax, cypripedium pub, valeriana and Ignatia A. amidst others. The medication could be either dropped directly into the pet’s mouth or added to water. Dogs that weigh less than 20 pounds should be given 5 drops thrice a day while those that weigh between 20 and 100 pounds should be given 10 drops three times a day. If your dog weighs over 100 pounds give him 15 drops thrice daily.

Be Serene

Be Serene is made up of flower essences and effectively controls stress and anxiety in pets that suffer from emotional or stress related disorders. Since it doesn’t have any side effects it’s considered a better alternative to allopathic medications. It contains several natural essences and helps dogs suffering from motion sickness, fear of loud noises and separation anxiety.

The bottle of medication comes equipped with a dropper for easy administration. You should make sure you read and follow the dosage instructions that are listed on the package when treating your pet.

Apart from the medications listed above, there are several other over the counter herbal products that are formulated for use in dogs suffering from anxiety. Before you start treating your pet with these over the counter drugs its best to conduct a vet check to find out the severity of the anxiety your dog is suffering from.