Over the Counter Bladder Infection Medication for Dogs

Bladder infection medication for your dog can be difficult to deal with, but the more effectively you treat your dogs bladder infection the faster it will be gone and the happier your dog will be. There are a number of treatment options and your vet can help you choose the right one. Always watch for other symptoms and reactions to medications and treatments. Report these reactions or additional symptoms immediately to ensure a serious condition doesn't emerge.

Antibiotics for Dog Infections of the Bladder

Most conventional vets will start your dog on a round of antibiotics. There are a couple different ones available to treat a bladder infection. Your vet may also recommend other treatments to try or have recommendations for you to follow to avoid a future bladder infections. Some dogs can become prone to bladder infections if they overproduce bacteria in their bladder or ingest items with high levels of bacteria in them. They include:

  • Amoxicillin
  • Cephalexin

Generally these antibiotics are given for a first round of 10 days, then a follow up round if the infection isn't gone at the end of the first round. Because antibiotics need to be taken on a schedule and multiple times a day you'll need to work out the best way to administer them to your dog. One way to get dogs to ingest a pill form of medication is by pushing it into a piece of cheese or other approved chunk of food. Your vet may recommend avoiding foods that may inflame the bladder infection by causing a higher level of acidity in the urine. If your dog starts to exhibit an allergic reaction to antibiotics, discontinue use and contact your vet immediately.

Natural Remedies for Bladder Infections in Dogs

Give your dog cranberry juice and lots of water. The cranberry juice has antioxidants that can prohibit bacteria from adhering to the walls of her bladder and flush out. Because cranberry juice and the increase in water will cause her to urinate more frequently make sure you take her out as often as possible. Holding her urine with healing from a bladder infection can cause the infection to get worse and is extremely painful.

The Holistic Approach

For a more holistic approach consult with a holistic vet to consider changes to your dogs diet and a natural approach to treating the bladder infection. A cranberry juice flush will likely be recommended as well. Other treatments may include acupuncture and herbal remedies. Always disclaim other medication or medical conditions your dog may be suffering from to ensure there are no side effects caused by the new treatment. 

Regardless of the method of treatment you chose for your dog, it's important to treat a bladder infection quickly and effectively. If left untreated it can lead to serious medical conditions. If you're unsure about the approach you should take, speak with your vet about the risks and potential side effects of the treatments you're considering.