3 Natural Dog Bladder Infection Cures Examined

If you have a dog with a bladder infection, you'll likely spend some time looking for bladder infection cures to help relieve his pain and other symptoms. While a bladder infection can be treated with a trip to the vet and a set of antibiotics or other medicines, it's also possible to relieve some bladder infections by means of at home or natural remedies. These can help to save money and also have the added benefit of not entirely eliminating the bacteria in your pet's body; antibiotics don't discriminate between healthy, helpful bacteria and those which can cause infection. This may leave your pet weakened and prone to other health problems. Here's a closer look at some of the more common natural canine bladder infection cures.

1. Yogurt and Vinegar

Many people swear by a yogurt and vinegar supplement to a dog's diet. This can be very helpful in eliminating the bacteria which causes a bladder infection. Vinegar is a natural antibacterial agent, and the acidity of the liquid can help to flush out the bacteria which populates your pet's bladder. However, vinegar and yogurt will also cause other issues for your pet; they can disrupt your pet's bowels and cause stomach irritation, vomiting, diarrhea and more. For this reason, though this particular solution can be effective at eliminating bladder infections, it's also seen as a risky one.

2. Cranberry Juice and Cranberry Extract

Related to vinegar is cranberry juice and cranberry extract. These can be substituted with cranberry supplements in pill form as well. In order to properly flush the bacteria which causes your pet's bladder infection out of his system, the cranberry juice works to lower the pH of his urine. This makes it more acidic, and therefore helps him to better be able to naturally eliminate the bacteria. Because many types of bacteria are sensitive to acidic urine and acids in general, this can flush out the bacteria, thereby eliminating the infection. This is seen as an effective method for treating mild bladder infections.

3. Increased Water

If you can get your pet to drink more and more water, you may be able to help him clear up some of the symptoms of his bladder infection. Passing more diluted urine through his bladder and the rest of his urinary system can be a good way to flush out the bacteria. When the bacteria is gone, the infection will diminish and finally be eliminated. The main problem with this method of eliminating a bladder infection is that it is difficult to execute. Although giving your pet additional water may help somewhat, he'll need to drink a great quantity in order to have the proper effect, and this is difficult to facilitate.

If you're in doubt, you should always take your dog in to the vet for examination and proper diagnosis.