Cat Flea Control Pill Products

There are a number of cat flea control products on the market, some in pill form while others are topicals to be applied directly onto the cat's skin. Information on the use of these products can not only be found on the product's labels but through veterinarians and knowledgeable store clerks.

Various Products

Cat flea control products come in a variety of forms:

  • Topicals – applied monthly between the shoulder blades to rid the cat of adult fleas
  • Powders and Sprays – for short-term effectiveness (lasting 2 to 3 days)
  • Dips – strong chemical rinses in the most extreme cases of infestation to rid the cat of fleas, ticks and mites but effectiveness lasts only for a day
  • Shampoos – medicated shampoos that rid the cat of adult fleas, mites and ticks with effectiveness lasting about 1 day
  • Flea collars – there are two types: 1) emits toxic chemicals to rid the cat of fleas and 2) chemicals are absorbed into the cat’s subcutaneous fat layer, being more effective than the former one mentioned since they have a more lasting effect
  • Injectable medications – a shot for fleas that kills the fleas when they feast on the blood of the cat through biting
  • Pills – medication that stops the flea larvae from hatching from the egg

Flea Control In Pill Form

Medication in pill form works by stopping the flea larvae from ever hatching from the flea egg. However, these pills do not kill adult fleas. They simply “break” the flea life cycle by preventing a new generation of fleas from ever hatching. Female fleas still lay eggs after ingesting the blood of its host victim; however, these eggs are unable to hatch.

This medication must be used in conjunction with an adult flea eradication treatment, such as shampoos, topicals or dips. Be aware that some products cannot be mixed or used together. Therefore, it is especially important to read all labels for any cautions or warnings. It would be best to consult a veterinarian as to the proper set of procedures to be used in eradicating any flea infestation.

Cat Flea Control Usage

Pills are administered monthly to all animals in the household in order for the medication to eradicate the flea infestation. A veterinarian should be consulted before administering any pill to an animal that is sick, has a pre-existing medical condition, is older or is already receiving other medications for other medical conditions to prevent any adverse interactions or side effects.

There are two medications available on the market: Program and Sentinel. Sentinel can also be used for heartworms so its use must be more carefully monitored. It must also be taken with a meal.

Fleas must also be eradicated throughout the house as well as the yard for any medication to stop the infestation. Vacuuming throughout house of all carpets, bedding and upholstery will allow the medication to be more effective. If fleas are not thoroughly eradicated in all areas of contact, the infestation will only continue. Adult flea infestation must be addressed as well since pills only kill the larvae so topicals or shampoos are the first line of defense.