Finding Pet Friendly Hotels

Today, you can find pet friendly hotels offering a variety of accommodations for both you and your animals. If possible, visit the hotel before you stay there. You'll want to make sure the facility has the right amenities for your pet, such as cleanliness, adequate room size and a spacious area for walking. Here's what else you might consider:

Where to Look for Pet Friendly Hotels

There are well-organized resources that offer specific search mechanisms for owners looking to bring their pets on vacation. These range from websites to tourist agencies. The information is usually categorized by what area of the country you are traveling to, and the type of hotel accommodations you seek.

Additionally, you may request brochures from the travel and tourism boards in the locations you plan on visiting. A brochure will normally distinguish the hotels that accept pets by giving them a specific icon, like a paw print. Such a resource usually offers a consumer rating as well; making the selection process easier.

Next, check if the hotel or other facility is sanitary. Germs left behind by other canines can cause kennel cough in some dogs. In addition, some hotels may not keep up with maintenance of having repeat pet guests. When you book a reservation, ask the clerk what methods are used to sanitize and maintain the room after each stay.

Various Options for Pet Friendly Hotels and Lodging

Look for other a variety of accommodations when researching your trip, from luxury hotels to cozy bungalows. Here's what else you'll find:

Bed and Breakfasts: Bed and breakfasts provide a cozy environment for you and your pet. A dog friendly bed and breakfast will be one with a separate entrance to your room or suite. When staying at such a location, be prepared that it may have a lot of other pet guests along with your own. That means other barking dogs and having to keep your pet extra safe when walking the grounds. However, a pet friendly bed and breakfast is usually easy to find in most shore or resort areas.

Cottages and Cabins: You can typically find such accommodations throughout lake regions or near campgrounds. The facilities are usually private and comfortable for enjoying a vacation with your pet. Pet owners find them appealing because they don't have to worry about their pets harming fancy furniture; or items found at the more upscale dog or cat hotels.

Motels and Efficiency Apartments: The grade of hotel you choose can run the gamut. A motel chain can offer you an average price and the appropriate accommodations for your pet's needs. There are some motels you can find with apartment-style suites perfect for taking care of your pet's needs. This makes it easy to keep your pet safe and wash his food and water bowls. Also, many motels offer ground-floor rooms that are ideal for pet owners.

Some requirements of pet friendly hotels:

  • Weight limit for dogs, such as 75 lbs.
  • Proper ID, tags and proof of vaccinations
  • Specific areas/rooms for guests with pets
  • Designated areas where you can walk your dog or cat
  • Pet carrier for accessing certain areas of the hotel
  • Rules for leashing and walking
  • Room-cleaning fees
  • Booking fee to stay with a pet