Pet Travel Insurance

Pet travel insurance can come in handy for those who travel and do not want to worry about having to spend a large amount of money on pet sitters, airfare for their pets and other travel-related expenses involving the care of their animals. Pet travel insurance will provide pet owners with comprehensive coverage for their pet's expenses, whether it be pets that are staying home with sitters or dog watchers, or pets traveling with their owners. Although the idea of pet travel insurance may seem somewhat silly to some pet owners, it is becoming increasingly popular for those who travel frequently and do not want to hassle with the expenses involved with the proper care for their pets.

Overview of Pet Travel Insurance

When you decide to travel, caring for your pet can be an expensive task. Many pet owners have neighbors, friends or family members who are willing to care for their animals while they are away at no charge, but for some this is not the case. It can be a hassle to find the best care for your pet at an affordable price while you travel. Those who do take their animals with them during travel sometimes cannot bring their pets into the hotels they are staying in. The hotels that do allow pet owners to bring in their animals usually do so with a fee attached.

Pet travel insurance companies will provide owners with reimbursement for these types of expenses related to traveling with pets. Whether you decide to keep your animal with you in your hotel at an extra cost, or leave the pet at home with a sitter, pet travel insurance will cover these expenses or a portion of the costs. Much like health or car insurance that humans have, pet travel insurance ensures that you do not have to pay a large sum of money for an expense like traveling with pets.

Pet travel insurance may also cover damages your pet may cause to hotels. If your pet decides to tear up the curtains in the hotel room, your insurance company may cover the damages, or a portion of them. Pet travel insurance usually also covers any other damages related to your pet's travel if it is specified in the policy. Damage coverage is usually available in only certain policies, at a higher cost than other policies. Much like auto insurance, pet travel insurance is usually available in different coverage policies at different costs.

Pet Health Insurance 

Not all pet travel insurance companies provide health insurance to your pet. If your pet becomes ill during travel or at home while you are away, the veterinary costs may or may not be covered in your policy. Many pet travel insurance companies will provide health insurance for your pet at an extra cost. It is best to discuss all details of your policy with an agent before agreeing to it, as it can be frustrating to find out your pet is not covered for an expense that you thought was included.