Pet Kennel Cleaning Tips

A pet kennel needs to be kept clean and safe from bacteria and germs. In addition, dogs can contract kennel cough from exposure to germs left behind from other dogs using the same kennel, carrier or crate. Here's how to wipe away bacteria and germs so your dog or cat will have a safe place to sleep or travel.

Ways to Clean a Pet Kennel

Clean the carrier or other travel compartment in a well ventilated area. Bleach and other strong cleaning agents may cause harm to you or your pet if there is long-term exposure. And sometimes the chemical is not fully washed away either.

Before cleaning, take out everything from the crate. Remove all toys, treats and feeding bowls. These items can get in the way or become contaminated by disinfectant residues. Be sure and clean such items like food and water bowls before placing them back in the crate or cage.

Friendly Cleaning Tools

Use a bio-friendly cleaning agent and scrub the crate with a cloth and warm water. Use a more abrasive material to get rid of heavier stains or dirt.

Also, consider using a kennel cleaning tool to get rid of germs and bacteria along with heavy grime. A small hand-held cleaning tool can help to eliminate the bacteria that causes salmonella, distemper and kennel cough.

Eliminate Germs in a Pet Kennel

Consider using stainless steel bowls, which are preferred over plastic for pet carriers and kennels. The main reason is that steel holds fewer germs.

For traveling with pets, disposable litter boxes and feeding bowls are helpful ways to eliminate germs.