Pet Life Insurance

Pet life insurance is different from the normal life insurance that humans usually buy. A pet life insurance is meant to cover the expenses related to the pet’s death. Owners of expensive breeds or famous show dogs can insure their pets and receive benefits if the dog happens to die, accidentally, due to a disease or of old age.

Owners that spend lots of money on pet care, veterinarian checkups, grooming and other pet related costs, can be reimbursed for their loss. Depending on the insurance plan you choose for your pet, the amount reimbursed could cover only expenses related to the death, such as cremation, or you could also get a bereavement benefit.

Pet Life Insurance

Owners can choose to insure their pet, especially if they have a rare, expensive breed, or if the pet is a champion that may contribute to the family’s budget through winning contests and contributing to the reproduction of his breed.

Usually pet insurance companies cover pets up to a certain age, depending on the type of pet and breed. Typically pets that can get a life insurance are up to 8 years old.

Various causes of death are covered by insurance, such as death caused by diseases, injuries or accidents. Check what your options are with your pet insurance agent. Most likely you can combine your pet’s life insurance with the pet’s health insurance and/or his injury insurance. The pet’s health insurance covers the costs associated with veterinary visits and treatments, the injury insurance deals with costs related to accidents and the life insurance covers the costs of euthanasia, cremation or burial and might also give the owner a bereavement benefit.

Usually, if all the paperwork is done correctly and the insurance carrier approves the cause of death, reimbursement occurs soon after the death of the pet.

Choosing the Best Pet Life Insurance

There are several things you should take into consideration when deciding to buy a life insurance for your pet:

  • The causes of death that the policy covers
  • Which is the reimbursement policy
  • Which is the amount you have to pay and how is it compared to the costs associated with the pet’s passing away
  • Does the plan pay bereavement counseling for the owner after the pet’s death
  • Can it be combined with a health insurance
  • Is the insurance company licensed
  • How complicated the reimbursement procedure is

Usually, insurance companies provide quotes online, so it would be easy for you to compare and see which would be the best option for your budget.

Be aware that the actual quote you might have to pay can differ from the quote you get online because there might be some other information to take into consideration when the insurance agent actually does the calculation for your pet.

When choosing the insurance, take into consideration your pet’s needs as well.