Pet Sitter Insurance Comparison

When taking on a job like pet sitting, or any job involving handling other people's animals, it is a wise choice is to purchase a pet sitter insurance policy. Even though most pet sitting jobs run smoothly and can actually be a bit dull, there is always a chance that a pet can get lost, accidentally injured or attacked by another pet while in the sitter’s care. Purchasing an insurance policy to cover any such incidents gives the sitter as well as the pet owner peace of mind.

Where to Look For Insurance

Professional pet sitter associations can help find companies insuring pet sitters and through such an association, discounts may also be put in place for the pet sitter. The pet sitter should approach their current insurance broker for a quote and conduct an online search as well, since many policies can now be purchased online.

Before making a decision, a comparison of at least three insurance companies should be made in order to get the best coverage for the cost. The cost will vary depending on how much liability coverage the sitter wants in place and the sitter’s budget. Costs for pet sitters insurance varies but on average a policy can be purchased for approximately $300 to $400 a year.

What Factors Should Coverage Include

When looking for insurance the pet sitter needs to be sure to consider factors that apply to their particular services. Factors to mention when asking for a quote are:

  • Transportation of pets
  • Custody and pet control
  • Lost keys
  • Fire and water damage to the client’s home
  • Other possible negligence

In addition to these conditions, location is a huge factor. There could be addition coverage needed in place if the business is run out of the sitter’s home or from a store front, and if there are going to be hired employees assisting with the work.

What about Bonding

Bonding was also once a recommended coverage for pet sitters. In the last few years many insurance companies will also cover theft as part of the policy so that bonding is no longer a necessity. Previously bonding protected the pet sitter in cases of missing items from the home, but the coverage through insurance covers not just missing items but items that may be accidently broken or simply go missing. Researching and purchasing is well worth the effort and cost compared to covering a possible veterinary bill from a dog bite to another dog. Sitters do need to keep in mind in order to protect themselves from injuries that may occur to their own person, they will need to buy separate medical insurance.