How Pill Pockets for Cats Make Oral Medication Easy

Giving cats pill medications can be a stressful process, especially with uncooperative cats that do not want to be held. Even healthy cats are going to need medication at some point in their lives, such as cat antibiotics, vitamins or other oral medications to combat cat diseases. Using pill pockets can help owners administer oral cat medicine easily and quickly.

How to Use Pill Pockets

Pill pockets are small treats that feature a pocket or hole to place pills or capsules. The treats help to hide the taste of the medicine and encourage cats to swallow their oral medication. Follow these steps when using pill pockets:

  1. Place the cat medicine inside the pill pocket, wrapping the treat around the pill.
  2. Feed your cat the treat, watching your pet to ensure that he has swallowed the pill. Cats can be picky and delicate eaters and may eat the treat and then spit out the medication. Avoid putting the treat in his bowl, and instead feed the treat directly to the cat.
  3. It may help to give another treat or some of his favorite food to encourage swallowing and prevent the pill from getting stuck in the cat's throat.

Giving Cats Oral Medication

Always follow instructions from your veterinarian about administering oral cat medicine. Dosage instructions and medication schedules should be followed closely, even if symptoms appear to clear up before all the medication has been administered.