Administering Cat Antibiotics Safely

also see Feline Prescription

Giving a cat antibiotics poses many safety hazards for the person administering the medications. There are many ways to safely give cats antibiotics, with minimal fuss. Proper administration of antibiotics is important when treating cat infection.

Administering Cat Antibiotics with Pill Pockets

Pills pockets are cat treats that have an opening on one end so you can easily put the pill inside the treat and pinch the treat closed. The cat will eat the treat and the pill all at once.

Immobilize Cat in a Towel

Wrapping a cat in a towel is a safe way to administer cat medication. Wrap the cat tightly in a towel prior and hold the cat close to your body. This immobilizes the cat so they cannot scratch you as you administer the medication.

Crush the Pill and Mix with Cat Food

Crush the pill and mix the powder in with tuna or a can of wet cat food. Make sure the cat eats all the food so you are sure he received all the medication. Some medication, if crushed, is no longer effective, so check with your veterinarian first before crushing the antibiotics.

If there is a food your cat particularly likes, that may be the most effective way to disguise the medication and treat your cat.