Prebiotic Fiber Supplements for Dogs

Of the various different types of supplements for dogs, prebiotic fiber supplements are among the most beneficial for certain animals. While not every dog will benefit from this supplement as much as others, it is exceedingly common for vets to recommend giving older dogs these types of supplements.

They contain two very helpful ingredients and components that will help to promote good health and regularity. The first is the set of prebiotic organisms or healthy bacteria that will help to colonize your dog's intestinal tract and digest and process food, while the second is the fiber supplement that will help to keep him regular and encourage healthy bowel movements.

How Prebiotic Fiber Supplements Benefit Your Pet

A nutraceutical is a food or other supplement that has both nutritional and pharmaceutical properties and benefits. Fiber supplements of this kind are generally recommended for older dogs or dogs that have problems with their bowels. As dogs age, even if they don't have specific gastric problems or conditions, they still may lose some of their ability to adequately process food and to have regular bowel movements. Fiber works for your pets in much the same way that it works for humans; it encourages healthy, regular bowel movements, amongst many other non related benefits as well.

The addition of the prebiotic element of these supplements makes them even better for most animals. Every dog has a set of healthy and beneficial bacteria that live inside of his system. These bacteria are responsible for helping his body to adequately process foods of various types, to shun and defend against unhealthy bacteria that could lead to infections, and to do several other important functions. Whether your pet has a condition where he has had to take antibiotics, which would have killed off all of the bad bacteria as well as the good bacteria in his system, or if he simply could benefit from more of these healthy bacteria, prebiotic fiber supplements can aid in this.

Treating Your Pet with Supplements

Prebiotic fiber supplements are generally free of side effects and other adverse reactions. However, it's nonetheless a good idea to speak with your vet before you begin a regimen of these supplements for your pet. There may be other ways that you can help to augment to regimen so that you can best benefit your dog, and it's a good idea to keep your vet informed generally of any dietary or medicinal changes to your dog as well. Prebiotic supplements of this type are usually available without a prescription and at specialty health food stores. You'll have to keep them carefully refrigerated and follow the directions for administration to your pet carefully in order to preserve the quality of the bacteria in the supplements.

For additional information and advice, speak with your vet today about the benefits and risks associated with these supplements.