Over-the-Counter Medication for Cats

A good alternative to expensive veterinarian prescribed medications would be an over-the-counter medication for cats (also known as OTC’s). OTC’s are defined as any substance that can be used in the treatment or cure of ailments that can be bought without a prescription. They can be found in your local pharmacy, grocery, convenience or pet store.

You can give OTC’s to your cat for a wide variety of reasons  including  topical treatments, stress control, digestion supplements, flea control as well as many other reasons. There are also homeopathic medications available.

Topical Medications

There are many different types of topical medications including wound dressings and antimicrobials, UV protectives, antiseptic leave-on lotions, insecticides, antifungal creams, keratolytic humectant gels for hyperkeratotic conditions (also known as the thickening or overgrowth of the skin), and skin irritations such as inflammations, eczema, bites, acne and dermatitis.

Mupirocin is usually given orally, but it can also be used as a topical treatment for feline acne. The ointment is applied to the affected area. 

Stress and Anxiety Control Medications

Maintaining a healthy emotional level is what stress control medications do. Many cats become extremely anxious and it makes them sick, causing vomiting, irregular energy levels, and destructive behavior. You can find these medications in a variety of forms ranging from pills, sprays, liquids and gels to soothing CDs, collars, hats and pheromones.

Digestive Supplements

This particular type of supplement is used to help keep feline bodies in top shape by making sure they get the most out of their food. They ensure optimal nutrition for your cat by relieving constipation and diarrhea, regulating bladder control, and gas control.

·Geneflora for Pets is a probiotic formula containing the beneficial bacteria Bacillus coagulans that can help correct digestive imbalances. Enzymes help reduce inflammation. Fiber Acacia fuels the good prebiotic bacteria and regulates bowel movements.

Flea and Tick Control

Most flea and tick control can be found in the form of special collars, liquids, sprays or baths. There are also hypoallergenic and sensitive skin formulas for those cats that have delicate skin.

Homeopathic Medications

Natural medications can be found to help keep cats healthy without all the harsh chemicals. They can be found to help support natural bodily functions, relieve stress, eliminate microorganisms, boost the immune system, strengthen the protective layers of the bowel, relieve diarrhea and constipation, aid digestion, relieve reactions from food allergies, and help maintain urinary tract health.

PetHeal is a natural remedy that is taken orally to help support a healthy immune system. It also promotes healthy muscles, bones, tendons and all other body tissue which creates the foundation supporting the feline regenerative functions.

It’s always best to ask your veterinarian before giving your pet any kind of medication. Then you can be sure they get the proper medication and the dose best suited to their needs. Even if a certain medication has worked in the past, it is crucial to check with your veterinarian before giving it to your cat again. A different medication or dosage might be more suited to the situation this time.