Prescription Flea Control for Cats

Learn about the different methods of prescription flea control for cats. Every medication has positives and negatives. Discover how the different medications work and the protection they offer.

In a matter of weeks, one or two fleas become thousands of the biting parasites. They do not stick just to cats and dogs; given the chance, they'll host on human blood too. Prescription flea control for cats helps rid your home of the biting insects.

Advantage® Flea Medication

Advantage is a topical flea control for cats. It stops fleas from biting within five minutes and kills them within an hour. The medication also kills flea larvae.

The flea medication is safe for kittens eight weeks or older. Ask your vet if it is recommended for your pregnant or nursing cat.

Bio Spot® Spot On for Flea and Tick Control

Bio Spot is a topical medication that protects against adult fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. In addition, Bio Spot Spot On includes Insect Growth Regulator that keeps flea larva from developing.

One package comes with three tubes, so you'll have protection for a full three months. The flea control medication is not meant to be used on kittens under three months of age or on pregnant, nursing or elderly cats.

Capstar® for Flea Control for Cats

Flea control offered by Capstar is safe for kittens over four weeks of age. It kills adult fleas in 30 minutes and can be used daily, if necessary, because the medication only lasts 24 hours.

Capstar is a popular choice of pet owners who must board their flea-free pet and don't want to risk a flea infestation when they return.

Frontline® Flea Medication

Frontline topical flea medication kills adult fleas in less than a day. Squeeze the topical ointment between a cat's shoulder blades for up to four weeks of protection. One package includes up to six tubes so the medication should last you up to half a year.

Frontline flea control for cats is not safe for kittens under eight weeks of age. It is also not advised to use the product on pregnant or nursing cats.

If you want flea and tick control, Frontline Plus kills ticks within two days. It is also safe for kittens over eight weeks.

Program® Flea Control for Cats

Program flea medication is an oral medication that keeps flea eggs from hatching. It does not kill adult fleas. You should wash infested cats with a flea shampoo or Dawn dish soap to get rid of the adult fleas.

Program is safe for pregnant cats, but not kittens under two pounds.

ProMeris® for Cats

ProMeris is a topical flea medication that is safe for kittens eight weeks or older. It is not recommended for elderly, nursing or pregnant cats.

The medication kills adult fleas by paralyzing them. One dose of ProMeris works for a full month.

Revolution® Flea Medications

Revolution is a monthly topical flea medication. The medication prevents flea eggs from hatching. It also kills ear mites, mange mites and heartworm larvae.

The medication is safe for kittens eight weeks or older and is also safe for nursing and pregnant cats.