Program Flea Control for Dogs

Program flea control for dogs is a medication that's available in tablet form. It works effectively on flea infections, but not tick infections. Certain fleas and ticks have now become resistant to medications that contain insecticides. Due to this reason, much research has been carried out to manufacture products that effectively treat and control parasite infections.

What Program Contains

Program contains the active ingredient lufenuron. Since the medication is available in varying potencies, you must make sure you purchase the right package based on your pet's weight. Program is often used in combination with other flea medications like Capstar. However, it's best to avoid combining medications without first obtaining your vet's approval.

How Program Works

The active ingredient lufenuron is an insect growth inhibitor. It stops the flea life cycle by destroying flea eggs. However, it isn't effective on adult fleas that are present on the dog's body. This is the main reason why you may have to combine Program with another flea medication for complete protection from fleas.

Program will have little to no effect if it isn't given along with the pet's food. Since the body breaks down the medication when it metabolizes food, you must make sure that you administer the drug along with the pet's meal. You must also make sure that the dog ingests the entire tablet, so that it works effectively.

Dosage and Administration

Program flea control for dogs should be administered only once a month according to the instructions listed on the package. It's safe for use in puppies that are above 4 weeks of age. Dogs that weigh less than 10 pounds require one tablet from the brown box, once a month. Pets that weigh between 11 and 20 pounds require 1 tablet from the green box, once every month.

If the dog's weight ranges from 21 to 45 pounds, he should be given one tablet from the yellow box every month. If his weight falls between 46 and 90 pounds, he will require one tablet from the white box, once a month. In some cases, the pet will require a combination of tablets from different boxes. This is especially true for dogs that weigh more than 90 pounds.

Side Effects of Program Include:

  • Hives
  • Lack of appetite
  • Skin irritation
  • Itching 
  • Depression

Tips for Pet Owners

If you live in an area where flea infestation is high, you should make sure you start administering Program a few weeks before the flea season commences. If the dog doesn't tolerate the medication well or if he develops certain side effects, you will have to conduct a vet check and change the medication you're using.

Although Program targets flea eggs that are present on the dog's body, the eggs that are lying around your home are capable of infecting your pet at a later stage. You should therefore clean and disinfect your home and outdoor areas to eliminate flea eggs and their larvae.