Essential Puppy Health Care Prevention and Examination Checklist

Puppy health care means monitoring your dog twenty-four hours a day. Examining your dog on a daily basis will help you to determine if anything is physically or mentally wrong with your dog. Going through this brief checklist regularly is a great way to ensure that your dog is in great health at all times. Daily Exam Puppy health care means check on these vital signs every day: * Mouth: your dog's mouth should always have a pink color * Teeth: teeth should be white and clean -- a brushing routine is important as well * Ears: ears should be clean without any signs of discharge * Eyes: the white part of the eyes should not contain any discoloration Aside from these basic vital checks, there are a couple of other things that all dog owners should be aware of regularly. Basic Functions Your dog will perform the following list of functions on a daily basis. While it's not necessary to follow your dog around too closely, it is a good idea to keep your eye on these things: * Thirst: make sure that your dog is not drinking excessively * Weight Loss: dogs should not lose weight too quickly * Food Intake: dogs that do not eat regularly may be sick * Bowel Movements: your dog's bowel movements should not include any blood Puppy health care revolves around constant monitoring of your dog. Even as dogs get older, the things listed above should always be taken into consideration.