Answers to Frequent Puppy Toilet Training Questions

Puppy toilet training normally takes around three weeks. But some dogs require a bit more training to get this ritual down pat.

Get help for puppy housetraining with the following Q&A:

  • What time of day should you let your puppy out? Take your puppy outside right after each meal. When his stomach is full, there is more pressure on his bladder. After eating, he'll need to urinate quickly.
  • Where should he sleep? Set up his sleeping area near yours so you can hear him if he wines during the night. Also, take him out as soon as he wakes up in the morning.
  • Should you let your puppy go outside on his own to urinate? Don't let your puppy roam outside and relieve himself anywhere he wants. Guide or carry him to a specific location. Place him on a grassy spot in your yard; or take him to a place where other dogs have urinated.
  • Should puppy potty training be a repetitive routine? Yes. Take your dog to the same spot each time he has to urinate or defecate so that he will become used to going there. Normally, he will eliminate when he gets to this familiar location.
  • What if your dog still makes a mess in the house? This is normal. Some dogs will refuse toilet training and make little puddles or piles in the home. Be patient. If you keep up with consistent training, your dog will eventually get used to going outside.
  • Should you leash your puppy while training? Yes. Keep your puppy on a leash even when you take him in the yard. This is another way to control your puppy during his training ritual.