Puppy Teething: How to Ease the Pain

For a puppy, teething is just as painful as it is for a human. To ease your puppy's pain, you need to follow a few helpful tips. Left to handle the pain alone, a puppy will chew on anything and everything including furniture, shoes and owners. Prevent costly damage to your household items, and pain to yourself, by doing everything possible to ease your puppy's pain. The following two tricks work well in comforting a teething puppy. Provide Chew Toys The pain that comes with puppy teething occurs when the sharp, adult teeth begin breaking through the gums. The fastest way to ease this pain is by chewing. Provide your puppy with plenty of safe chew toys. Rawhide chews, dental chews and hard plastic bones with nubs help push the teeth through quickly. If you puppy seems unwilling to chew on his/her toys, make them tempting. Spread a little natural peanut butter on the toy. Few dogs resist the taste of peanut butter. Practice Gum Massage Visit an online or local pet store for a fingertip toothbrush. Soothe the pain of puppy teething by using this fingertip toothbrush to massage your puppy's gums. Best of all, when it comes time to brush your puppy's teeth, you've already introduced the puppy to the feel of your hand in its mouth and the process of brushing.