Choosing a Dog Teething Toy

Choose a dog teething toy that will soothe your pet's gums. Stock your home with safe and well-made teething toys that will keep your dog from chewing inappropriate items like clothing or furniture.

Explore the Different Types of Dog Teething Toys

Teething products are made with materials appropriate for the maturing teethe and gums of young dogs. You can buy such chew toys according to the age, size and health of your dog. Below is a sampling of popular teething toys and their benefits:

  • Wet and freeze chew toys help to ease the pain of teething by cooling the gums.
  • Freeze toys help ease your puppy's newly cutting teeth and soothe his sore gums.
  • Fleece toys provide enhanced comfort, and are easy on the gums.
  • Some chew toys can be filled with peanut butter or cheese.

Nylabones are made out of solid hard plastic to soothe teething gums. They can also help your puppy develop his jaw muscles, teeth and gums.

What to Look for in a Dog Teething Product

  • Choose toys made from natural rubber.
  • Look for strong rubber or hard plastic materials appropriate for chewing.
  • Select an age-appropriate teething toy for you pet, such as one for a puppy that's 2 to 9 months old.
  • Fleece or plush toys need to have extra-strong stitching.

What to Avoid a Dog Teething Toy

If your dog has had surgery due to mouth cancer, chew toys and raw hides should not be given for several weeks. Here's what else to avoid:

  • Toys made of hard materials inappropriate for chewing
  • Dyes and unsafe chemical ingredients
  • Chew products made with items that can break away