Are Rabies Vaccines for Dogs Really Necessary?

Many people today are questioning the need for rabies vaccines for dogs. Even though the Centers for Disease Control announced in September 2007 that canine rabies had been eliminated from the United States, it is still necessary to keep your dog's rabies vaccinations up to date.

Undomesticated Animals Could Have the Rabies Virus

Just because the canine variety of rabies has been eliminated in the United States, there are still other wild and domesticated animals that can carry the disease. It is best to keep your dog vaccinated in order to avoid infection.

Rabies Virus Still Exists Elsewhere

Even though the United States has eradicated canine rabies, the canine rabies virus still exists in other countries. With the crack down on puppy mills in this country, people are turning to Canada, Mexico and other countries to supply them with puppies. These other countries do not have the strict regulations regarding rabies vaccinations that the United States does and, left unprotected, your dog could become infected should he come in contact with an infected animal.

Rabies shots for dogs may seem unnecessary in the United States, but the prevalence of rabies in other animals and in canines in other countries makes vaccinating your dog against rabies an important part of keeping him healthy.