Raw Food for Dogs with Cancer

Raw food for dogs with cancer can be a very healthy option. The practice of feeding your pet raw foods usually includes a diet consisting of raw, uncooked meat, organs and edible bones. Because raw foods have a higher nutritional value than cooked or processed pet food, it is considered a good choice for many dogs. In addition to having more nutrition than other cooked foods, raw foods can help clean the teeth and gums, give a healthier coat, and reduce stool odor and volume. 

Dogs with cancer can especially benefit from eating a diet consisting of raw foods instead of dry dog food, because animals that are ill need all the nutrition they can get. Dogs with cancer can improve their overall health and well-being by eating raw foods and meats instead of other unhealthier options that are available. 

Overview of Raw Food for Dogs

Raw foods contain a very large amount of protein. Foods such as raw bones, raw meat, eggs, dairy products, raw vegetables and fruits are higher in nutritional value than dog food that is processed, cooked or uses grain as a major ingredient. The most common raw foods for dogs include raw chicken, fish, lamb, rabbit, pork or quail. Meat and bones from other animals may also be used in the raw food diet. Ground up or raw bones are also a very healthy food for canines, as well as the organs. The heart, kidneys and liver are extremely nutritious and full of vitamins. 

The raw food diet for dogs does not have to just include meats, bones and organs. Certain vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, peppers or spinach can be shredded up and mixed with other ingredients. Pears, apples and oranges are also commonly used in the raw food diet.

Dairy is an important part of the raw food meal plan, and this can include products such as shredded or cubed cheese, yogurt or cottage cheese. Raw eggs are often included with other ingredients, as well. 

Feeding Raw Food to Dogs with Cancer

Dogs suffering from cancer need all the vitamins, minerals and nutrition they can possibly get. Eating a highly nutritious diet will help extend your pet's life and make him feel better, overall.

The raw food diet is ideal for dogs with cancer and other illnesses. Raw food is natural and nutritionally-balanced, unlike many commercial pet foods. It aids in digestion and boosts the immune system. It can improve the look of the coat and skin and give your pet more energy than before. If your pet has bad teeth, a raw food diet will improve the look of the teeth and naturally clean and whiten them. Bad breath should quickly vanish after starting a diet consisting of raw foods. In addition to the many health benefits of raw foods, it can also help control your pet's weight. There is very little fat in raw foods, and most of it is healthy fat. 

Raw foods can be more expensive than processed dog food, and will take time to prepare properly. To maintain the health benefits of raw food for dogs, the diet must be continued on a regular basis. Meals will also need to be supervised, especially when feeding the dog raw bones.