5 Reasons for Getting Puppy Insurance

There are five great reasons for getting puppy insurance. Consider basic necessities in responsible puppy care including immunizations, spaying or neutering, and flea, tick and heartworm control. These cost a fair amount of money but not nearly as much as veterinary care if your puppy is injured. Moreover, with coverage that starts when your puppy is well, most diseases your dog might get will be covered. Accident coverage, basic care reductions, and coverage in the case of disease can save you substantial money each month and in the future.

1. Puppy Insurance Saves Money on Immunizations

Several immunizations are required by law in most states and need to be updated regularly. Dogs need to be immunized against distemper, kennel cough, and several other viruses. Immunization requirements come up 4 times during your puppy's first year of life and once a year thereafter. This adds up financially. Most insurance companies offer coverage for puppy immunization which gives you a financial break and piece of mind.

2. Puppy Insurance Saves Money on Spaying and Neutering

Spaying or neutering a puppy is the responsible action most dog owners choose. Even without any complications, this is a major surgery that costs over $100 without insurance. If a minor complication arises, that number can go up to $500, especially if aftercare is involved. If you know that you have puppy insurance, it's easier to get your dog spayed or neutered as soon as the puppy is old enough and to feel sure you can afford any costs that arise in the process.

3. Flea, Tick and Heartworm Control

A regular flea, tick, and heartworm regime can save your dog from skin problems as well as serious and even life-threatening health problems. 3 months worth of flea and tick control costs $40.00 for one dog. The heartworm chew is an additional $30.00 for 6 months. Anytime you lapse on heartworm control, your dog has to be tested for the disease before getting started on the chew. This test of course costs money. If your dog does get heartworm, it's a life-threatening condition with expensive palliative care. With healthcare coverage, you're much less likely to run into a financial situation that requires you to miss a month of parasite control.

4. Accident Coverage

No matter how well you watch your puppy, injuries are always a possibility. Puppies like to explore where they shouldn't and unfortunately sometimes get hit by cars. They also can get into fights or get injured in a myriad of ways. It often costs $50 to $75 just to walk into a vet's office on an emergency basis. Hospital stays, surgeries, and care for a broken leg add up to hundreds of dollars very quickly. With puppy insurance, you'll have financial piece of mind and you'll know exactly which vets offer emergency care where you'll be covered.

5. In the Event of Disease

Getting puppy insurance prepares you for any kind of disease, from minor to major. Dogs are likely to need healthcare for an illness just like children and adult humans will in their lifetime. As soon as your dog gets any diagnosis or care related to a specific disease, that becomes a pre-existing condition if you try to get insurance later. In the unfortunate event of a serious disease, vet care can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. Starting puppy insurance early keeps costs down even on a monthly basis but can save you a lot more when your dog gets ill.