Relieving Puppy Constipation Through Diet

Puppy constipation is something that can occur even with your best efforts to keep the puppy healthy. Puppies can become constipated for a variety of reasons, including anxiety, a change in their food, lack of water and lack of exercise. The following dietary additives will help alleviate the blockage and, with feeding guidelines, prevent further episodes of constipation.

Soften the Stool With Pumpkin or Bran

To help soften the stool, you can add some canned pumpkin to the puppy's food. Be sure to use the plain canned pumpkin, not the spiced prepared pumpkin pie filling, as it could bring about additional digestive stress. Canned pumpkin has a high fiber content preventing compaction of the digested food. Depending upon the size of the puppy, add 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon to their puppy food. Continue to add the pumpkin to the puppy's food for 2 to 3 days until the bowel movement is softened .

Another way to resolve puppy constipation is to add dietary bran to the puppy's food. Add about a teaspoon of bran to the food for a few days until the stool softens. Along these same lines you can add a teaspoon of oat bran to the puppy's food in place of the dietary bran.

Get Bowels Moving With Olive Oil or Milk

Adding extra oil into the puppy's diet can help get the digestive tract and bowels moving again. Add ½ teaspoon of olive oil to the puppy food, and again for several days until the puppy can pass a bowel movement without straining. While giving dogs milk typically causes diarrhea, you can use milk for a constipated puppy to get its bowels moving again. Feed ¼ to ½ cup of milk either with food or just provided for the puppy to drink, once a day for 2 days to loosen the bowels.

Prevent Constipation With Fiber

To prevent future episodes of constipation, choose a puppy food that has a sufficient amount of fiber to allow the puppy's digestive tract to function properly. There are high quality puppy foods out on the market that have between 7 to 13% fiber which will help avoid future blockage. A puppy can also be given pieces of apple, celery, carrots and pears to help keep its digestive tract moving at a healthy pace.

In addition to feeding a high fiber diet, it is important to provide a sufficient amount of fresh water throughout the day. A general rule is to provide one ounce of water for each pound of body weight with more water provided based upon the weather, activity level or dry surroundings. Dehydration of the puppy's system can cause constipation as quickly as improper diet.

Constipation Can Be A Sign of An Obstructed Intestine or Bowel

A note of caution, not all constipation is caused by dietary or emotional reasons. If the puppy strains to defecate, appears to be in pain or vomits it is important to get the puppy to a veterinarian. The puppy may have swallowed something that has caused an obstruction.

Puppy constipation can be resolved by adding items to their diet that can typically be found in your local grocery store. By using these additives and by feeding a diet high in fiber, the puppy can return to and maintain a properly functioning digestive tract.