Removing Fleas on Dogs with Vinegar

Removing fleas on dogs with vinegar is a natural remedy that is effective on the fleas, and gentle on the dogs. In lieu of pesticides and other medications that might have negative side effects on the dog, try using vinegar instead.

The Effect of Vinegar

Vinegar's pungent odor as well as its taste is unpleasant to fleas. Vinegar can kill fleas when used to drown them and it will encourage the fleas to migrate elsewhere and to stay away from the spot where the vinegar has been placed in the future. Regularly bathing a dog with vinegar can help remove fleas and prevent further flea infestation.

Checking a Dog for Sores

Before using vinegar to remove fleas, check your pet for blistering sores. Flea bites will naturally cause these sores and if the sores are too large, too great in number and are all blistering, the dog will experience pain and discomfort when coming in contact with the vinegar. You can attempt to bathe the dog without touching open sores, but if the sores are large and prolific, a trip to a vet may be a better alternative.

Mixing the Vinegar

The mixture for removing fleas on dogs should consist of 1/4 gallon vinegar and 3/4 gallon warm water. Mix the two liquids thoroughly, and you can add some essential oil to lessen some of the vinegar's odor, such as tea tree oil and rosemary oil. These oils can also help soothe the dog's hair and skin. However, you should use no more than two drops of oil per mixture, so as not to dilute the effectiveness of the vinegar.

Bathing the Dog

Rather than dunking the dog in the vinegar mixture, soak a large hand towel in the mixture, ring it out slightly to get the excess off and then rub the dog down gently with the cloth. It is essential that you get as much of the body as possible, but avoid the delicate area around the dog's eyes and avoid any open sores.

Letting the Mixture Dry

Crucial to the success of the vinegar treatment is letting the mixture dry on the dog without rinsing. Let the mixture dry for at least 20 minutes and then use a comb to brush out the dead fleas.

Vinegar Spritzing

In between removing fleas on dogs during outbreaks, keep fleas at bay by spritzing the dog with a vinegar spray mixture. Purchase a clean spray bottle and fill it about 1/4 high with vinegar and the remainder with water, shaking the mixture together. Again, one to two drops of essential oils is permissible. Spray the dog, being careful to avoid the eyes, and let the mixture air dry. This spray mixture can also be used on carpets, wood floors and furnishings to kill fleas (but avoid stone or marble surfaces).

Using a mixture of vinegar and water can help remove fleas on dogs, especially if partnered with a flea-removing shampoo. You can also keep your dog flea-free by spraying or bathing him with vinegar mixtures regularly.