Oral Treatments for Dog Flea and Tick Control

Discover how oral dog flea and tick products protect your pet. While many people know of topical treatments, they are not always the best solution. In homes with multiple pets, especially where the pets common groom each other, accidental ingestion of the medications is a serious risk.

Many dog flea and tick products cause harm to cats that ingest the medication. Symptoms of poisoning include:

It's important to seek veterinary care if you suspect your pet has ingested any topical flea treatment.

Capstar Oral Dog Flea and Tick Control

Capstar is an oral medication used to kill adult fleas. Adult fleas usually die within 30 minutes of ingesting the medication. While safe to use on puppies as young as five weeks, the medication does not provide lasting prevention. One pill remains effective for 24 hours. After that, another dose is necessary.

You should be aware that Capstar is not effective on ticks. If you need tick prevention, topical medications, shampoos or yard control are the only available options.

Comfortis Oral Flea Control

Comfortis is a beef flavored oral flea control. It is only effective on fleas. The chewables are given monthly to puppies and dogs older than 14 weeks. The medication contains spinosad, an ingredient that paralyzes fleas.

Spinosad starts taking effect within half an hour of your pet's dose. One chewable Comfortis tablet remains effective for a full month. As Comfortis only kills fleas biting your dog, you should vacuum furniture, carpeting and pet bedding to remove other fleas and flea eggs.

Program Oral Dog Flea and Tick Control

Program is an oral pill given to puppies and dogs older than six weeks. The oral pill contains Lufenuron, a medication that renders flea eggs unable to hatch. Adult fleas remain, but they will not create new fleas. As the life cycle of a flea passes relatively quickly, eventually your pet becomes flea free.

Currently, Program only appears effective on fleas. If ticks are problematic, you'll need to check your pet for ticks and remove any that you find.

You should vacuum your carpeting and furniture to remove any eggs laid before you started using the medication. Wash your pet's bedding too.

Sentinel Flavor Tabs

Sentinel is a multi-use parasite control that kills young heartworm, adult hookworms, roundworms and whipworms. In addition, the medication prevents flea eggs from hatching.

The beef-flavored tablets are suitable for puppies and dogs older than four weeks. It's a safe way to deworm and rid your pet of fleas. Be aware that the medication is not effective against ticks.

Holistic Dog Flea and Tick Control

Many pet owners are turning to holistic methods for tick and flea prevention. Add garlic powder and brewer's yeast to your dog's daily meal. Biting insects do not seem to enjoy the taste of garlic or yeast in the blood and often avoid animals who frequently ingest those items.

Because there are no oral medications that stop ticks from biting, you should make sure you carry a tick removal tool. Tick collars may be effective, ask your veterinarian for brands safe for your pet. Removing the tick within 24 hours is the best way to avoid Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.