Rescue Dog Transport Services

Rescue dog services are available for ill, abandoned or abused dogs or dogs that find themselves otherwise homeless for one reason or another. The service is set up to prevent any homeless or unwanted dog from going to a shelter and possibly being euthanized if a home is not found for them within a certain time frame.

Organizations for Rescue Dogs

Organizations throughout the country have been established to find homes for homeless dogs. Sometimes these homes are temporary since the dog is housed and cared for by a foster family until a permanent home is found. Most often, these organizations are staffed by volunteers who participate because they are adamant about finding homes for homeless dogs. Some organizations specialize in a certain breed, offering their expertise in the care and sometimes the nursing back to health of a certain breed of dog that has been injured or has taken ill.

These same volunteers spend time at stores, displaying the dogs and attempting to find homes for them. They screen the potential new family and educate the family about the breed itself. Sometimes a dog has certain characteristics or problems stemming from a former abusive home. These volunteers can help educate and teach the dog’s new family as to what to expect and how to care for the particular dog.

Transportation Provided

Sometimes a dog may be located in one part of the country with a new home in another part. Sometimes the organization’s facilities for caring for the dog are located in an area of the country other than where the dog presently is located. Transportation in the form of vehicle or airplane is sometimes available for free or at a nominal cost. Sometimes this cost is passed onto the new owner and sometimes it is not. It is best to contact the organization itself to inquire as to how the transportation cost is handled.

Sometimes rescue transportation services are needed to deliver a sick or injured dog to a veterinarian that offers free or low-cost services for the care of the dog during his recuperation period. Some veterinarians and their staffs volunteer time and supplies for the care of injured or abused dogs.

Inquiries for Transport Services

Information regarding a particular rescue transport services may be found in the yellow pages, at a veterinarian’s office or online. Some transportation services are breed specific while others will intercede no matter what breed of dog (or animal) is involved.

Traveling in a Crate

It is important that all animals being transported be done so in a proper sized crate. This is for the dog’s own safety as well as that of the handlers during the transportation process. Dogs can be frightened and snap at people as a defense mechanism, not determining friend from foe. Also dogs can “escape” and get further injured or lost. A crate offers protection as well as a place where the dog can feel safe from any perceived dangers, such as an airplane runway.